Risen 2: Dark Waters Launch Date Announced

Risen was a fantastic open world Role Playing Game (RPG) that was not taken up very seriously by many gamers. Its Gothic style of play (being way too hard in the beginning and getting harder progressively) made few, albeit loyal, fans. Nevertheless, the game was hailed as a force unto itself, not as a poor man’s Oblivion but rather one of the closest spiritual successors of the Gothic series.

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

Now, the developers of Risen have announced Risen 2: Dark Waters, a sequel set in a world where strange and dark things lurk in the murky depths of the sea that are blocking trade routes and traffic. As an Inquisition agent, you are sent to discover the cause and possibly eliminate this problem by seeking any and all help that you can, including that of the the cutthroat pirates. The pirates, however, know more than they are willing to divulge.

Players will have a chance to become pirates, lay siege in the middle of the sea to ships around the sea, or become officers of the law and take down pirate ships. The game also allows players to become adept at using firearms from the old age. Flintlocks and blunderbusses! Yay!

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes said that the game is set for a 2012 release, with the North American edition going live on the 24th of April, while the European version goes live on the 27th of April.

Considering that this is one of those few games set in harbors and docks with a distinct piratey feel to it, I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. The last game that even sounded this much fun was Sid Meier’s Pirates! and boy was it a lot of fun!

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