Quantz : A 3D Puzzle game for Linux

A lot of 3D, high-definition graphic games are now available on Linux. Urban Terror, Sauerbraten, Alien Arena, America’s Army, Tremulous, TORCS, etc. are just some of them.

Most of these games are either action or racing games.Broadly put, all the better 3D games available in Linux have been in the “Adventure/Action” category.

Gamerizon has released the first of it’s kind Puzzle Game for Linux called Quantz. Quantz is an addictive Puzzle Game with a slight difference. It runs on the venerated OpenGL engine. As a result, it has stupendous graphics and 3D action , provided of course, that you are running it on a machine with a good graphics cards and enough RAM.

The Gamerizon website currently has only the trial version free for Windows and MAC, while the full version is available for $13.

For all Linux users, Gamerizon has made the Beta version of the game available for free. They have posted an announcement about the same on the Reddit website, from where you will be able to download either the .DEB package for Debian-based Distros like Ubuntu, Kubuntu , etc., or the .RPM package for Distributions like Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva, etc., or the tarball (.TAR.GZ image) containing a Distribution-agnostic binary version.

Quantz has amazing 3D graphics and the complete feel of the game is very smooth, thanks to the OpenGL backend.

The game itself reminds you of   “Same GNOME“, a free Game which is usually present by default in most Linux Distributions. However, Quantz is much more challenging, fun and addictive to play.

It can be played in three modes. In the “Action” mode, there is a lot of bubbles “popping” and catching fire. However, the word “action” is a misnomer as there is no blood-bath and for any respectable gamer, that’s no action! The second mode is “Strategy” in which the user has to spend time thinking as well as depend on his dexterity for “popping” the bubbles. Finally the “Puzzle” mode has stages in which bubbles are “popped” in increasing levels of difficulty.

People who might not be into games big time but enjoy challenging puzzle games, should definitely give this one a go. Added to this, the whole look and feel of an OpenGL based 3D games, makes Quantz a pleasurable experience altogether.

Just one warning : This game can get addictive, especially if you have been a fan of   “Same GNOME” !