PSP Firmware Update v6.20


Sony’s PlayStation Portable’s new firmware update has gone live. Version 6.20 of the firmware comes with a few updates, most important of all is the launch of the Digital Comics feature with which you can enjoy digitized versions of new and classic comics. Through the PlayStation Network (PSN), users can download and enjoy their comics on the go. This store is set to launch in early December (for the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), although the Comic Reader application is available for download already. It will reportedly be shown under a new section in the Xross Media Bar (XMB), the UI of the PSP, called Extras. If they are making a new section like that, I’m hoping they’ll soon rename it to Appsand have portable applications for the PSP.


Apart from that, the ability to import video and photo playlists instead of only music playlists from the MediaGo software or the PS3 has been added. Long have PSP owners pined for this support and now that they are getting it, they will certainly be very happy!

Note: This update’s storage-media download has not gone live yet. The only way to update your PSP is to take it to a wifi hotspot and download the update by going to Settings->System Update.

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