PS3 Jailbreak is Finally Here

PS3 Jailbreak is Finally Here


An Australian hardware modding unit called OzModChips is claiming that the PS3 has finally been jailbroken. If true, this is indeed quite an achievement, since Sony’s PlayStation 3 is a heavily locked down platform that is renowned for excellent security. The jailbreak will enable owners to back-up their games and even run pirated games.

The solution being tested by OzModChips basically requires you to purchase an USB dongle called PS Jailbreak. When plugged into the PS3 and booted, the utility present in the dongle is executed and the PS3’s security measures are deactivated. The developers are claiming that this won’t brick the system and since the PS3’s seal isn’t tampered with, warranty will also remain valid.

The final retail units of PS Jailbreak are ready and more information is available at PSXScene is vouching that PS Jailbreak is the real deal. It will be interesting to see how Sony reacts. According to unconfirmed reports, PS Jailbreak is generated with Sony’s official SDK (Software Development Kit) that makes it illegal to share. A lawsuit or two are definitely in the realm of possibilities. However, it might be difficult for Sony to shackle modders around the world, once the cat is out of the bag.

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  • josie

    Finally, the ps3 jailbreak comes real. People who support Sony will still use the original disc. Some people like me want to enjoy the convenience and the flexibility of the new stuff, will try it. I ain’t worry Sony will block those users. I think there will be new fireware to fix the problem.

  • josie

    I got an email from Gadget-Asia. They have this modchip.

  • cant wait to borrow my friends japanese titles to try it out on mine , sweet~

  • the real deal

    kinda stupid for this kind of modchip ..
    you need this ps3 key which is like a hundred bucks more
    then get a game which most of the games are 20 bucks for the old games and less for 2nd hand .. or rent a game which is already half of what i payed for
    then i need to get atleast 150 buck so i can get a decent amount of games in the hdd ..
    kinda feels like im spending more on games than im actually trying to save

  • can I play cracked ps3 games after jail braking my ps3 with ur tutorial?