Probable List of Humble Indie Bundle 4 Games Leaked!

The extremely popular pay-what-you-want Humble Indie Bundle series of indie game sales has been a joyride for many who wish to play the cream of the cool when it comes to indie gaming. Over the past few bundles, great games such as Braid, Machinarium, Defcon, and Frozen Synapse have been part of this excellent platform. It’s so good that many folks anticipate the next bundle with keen interest, looking to know the lineup days or months ahead of time. Whether this is to hold off on purchases of these indie games for their full price or   for the mere sating of curiosity is debatable.


Nevertheless, many enterprising gamers on /r/IndieGaming found out the probable lineup of the next Humble Indie Bundle through the Steam Registry keys. The original source of the information is very probably NeoGAF, since the community there has done this sort of thing before with the bundles, with great success.

So what is the probable lineup of the next HIB?

  • Shank: Klei Entertainment’s beat em up sports a lovely comic-bookish art style of a man out for revenge. The story is written by God of War co-creator Marianne Krawczyk who really likes revenge stories, apparently. I am personally not sure about this one since the game was published by the behemoth of a non-indie publisher called Electronic Arts, but let’s see.
  • BIT.TRIP RUNNER: If you have never played a BIT.TRIP game yet, I sincerely suggest that you start with this. The games are designed to work with the background music in such a way that the obstacles and enemies in your way follow the beats and rhythm in the background. BIT.TRIP RUNNER is a solid game in the series. Mucho fun!
  • Jamestown: Mix a top-down shooter, steampunk, Mars colonization and the 17th century with pixelated graphics and you get Jamestown. It’s better than it sounds (and it sounds good!)
  • Gratuitous Space Battles: This is one game I personally am looking forward to playing, regardless of the Humble Bundle’s sale. It’s a space battle simulator in which you plan the battles before they happen (predicting the AI’s moves ahead of time) and let the entire thing unfold in front of you.
  • Cave Story +: Cave Story is the original indie runaway hit, with ports being developed on every system possible. The innocuous platformer has made thousands of fans and has now been rewritten and upgraded for the PC.

This gorgeous lineup practically makes me scream TAKE MY MONEY!, but we have to wait and see how it turns out!

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