Prepare for some Crazy Football Bloodiness on Your Handheld

Before reading this post, please answer these questions.

  • Do you like the Warhammer Universe?
  • Do you enjoy American football?
  • Do you think sending the ball and an enemy flying with a massive Doom Fist blow is fun?

The first two questions are unimportant, as long as the last question resulted in an immense Chaos Marine roar. If it did not, then replace the Doom Fist with a Titan weapon of your own choice and repeat. If yes, then continue.


Take a look at this picture from India. Do you find it:

  • a: Awesome?
  • b: Roar-inducing?

Those of you who answered yes to these three questions, here is what this post is all about: Blood Bowl will let you do what you think it will let you do, and it is coming in Spring 2010 for PSP and DS lovers. And, yes, I think it will be awesome.

SouthPeak’s mashup game will include the ability to play one of the eight races (Humans, Orcs, Wood Elves, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Skaven, Chaos and Goblins) from the Warhammer Universe in a real-time or turn-based game of American football.


That, precisely. Of course, playing roughwould be an understatement when you have an assortment of bloodthirsty, ruthless and downright cruel creatures in the field. It will be interesting to see how TBS and sport are mixed in this portable game it will definitely be worth a look.

Blood Bowl released in November for the PC and XBox 360 and the reviews were generally decent, garnering a score of around 7 in Gamestats.

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