Preorder Sleep is Death for $9

Let’s start this off by saying, I really suck at titles. The title of this post does not in any way tell you how bizarre, great, awesome, crazy and brilliant Sleep is Death could be. It merely tells you that this two-player only game will take pre-orders for $9. That price fetches you two DRM-free copies of the game. Post-release, the game will sell for $14.


In a line, Sleep is Death is a storytelling game for two players. It is also pixelated so do not read further if graphics are all you care about in a game. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun explains Sleep is Death

It’s a co-op roleplaying game. It’s 8-bit D&D. It’s an ad-hoc modding tool.

Better than that, there’s this typically indie explanation given by the author, Jason Rohrer, himself. Flick through it, get mesmerized by the amount of power this tiny game can give you, and pre-order it straightaway. If you still do not think he’s all that great, give Passage a try.
Sleep is Death will be released on the 16th of April, while those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to download it on the 9th of April – a whole week earlier!

If you still think a game needs graphics to survive, you need to fall off the Howrah Bridge during low tide.

Preorder Sleep is Death for $9. As a bonus, you get the game a week before its actual release date. So be on the lookout for a review on Techie Buzz!

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