Portal’s “Still Alive” Song in Minecraft. Music Block Win!

This video is going viral, and we cannot help but make sure it reaches the level of SUPER AWESOMEin no time. The last Minecraft update went up very recently, and someone decided to make a song play using the newest kind of blocks: the note blocks. It is just the introduction of the song, and it’s so perfect that I could actually croak out the entire song in sync while it was being played in Minecraft.


Although my previous guess was incorrect, at least it stuck to being from the gaming world. YouTube user Tritext989 used Redstone (a kind of material that can be made into circuits. More info here) to make a circuit that plays the song Still Alivefrom the game Portal composed/sung by Jonathan Coulton. Before you ask, yes it is pretty good even though it’s just the intro part.

If you want to know how to craft your own note blocks and how to tune them, this video handles it quite well.

If you want to skip making your own song and just play what Tritext989 has made on your own computer (not as a video), the original map file has also been linked to by the gracious creator. Download the map from our servers here.

To play this map, go to the .minecraft folder and unzip it to the Saves’ folder in that directory. Rename the file to World[1-5] (i.e. World1 or World2 or World5; the game only acknowledges the numbers 1 to 5).

On a Windows machine, the .minecraft folder is in your AppData directory. Simply run WinKey+R and type %appdata% and press enter.

On a Mac, the saves are in this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/

Have fun tuning your own version of Still Alive!

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