Portal 2 for Mac Confirmed

Portal, the short but extremely brilliant and critically acclaimed shooter, will be out for the Mac, in addition to the PC release. The confirmation of this news comes via image scans of the latest edition of GameInformer magazine as reported on Macrumours, which features Portal 2 as the cover story.

Portal 2

Since the past couple of days, Valve had been hinting Portal’s imminent release for the Mac via teaser images which closely resemble Apple’s cult advertisements.

The hints were further boosted by a beta version of Steam ( Steam is Valve’s digital delivery and content management platform), which moved away from IE’s rendering engine to a Webkit based rendering engine, dumping the platform specific lockdown. Some enterprising folks had found OS X menu components in the Steam file directory, further providing proof of Portal 2 and Steam heading to the Mac.

For those living under a rock, Portal is an FPS game where the player must solve a series of puzzles by teleporting using what is known as the portal gun. The player is continuously egged-on by a voice-over AI, known as GLaDOS. Upon completion of the puzzles,   the user said to be rewarded with a cake .

Are you excited about Portal 2 coming for the Mac ? How many of you have played the original Portal ? Do drop a comment and let us know.

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  • Mike

    This sounds awesome. I’ve been waiting for a new portal for forever and with the new update it looks as if this is finally happening. Valve is smart. Hopefully they spent a lot of time developing it so it lives up to its’ hype.

    • @Mike Agree :) Portal may have been short but it was (pardon the cliché) sweet. Valve are known for their high quality games and I certainly hope that Portal 2 will be all that we want it to be and more.