Play Missile Command Entirely Online

Nostalgia creeps into the hearts of anyone who hears the phrase Missile Command. All of us have at one point of time played Missile Command or its clone (Parachute on the iPod, hint hint*) or its variant. Missile Command, along with Asteroids and Space Invaders was all the rage in the 80s and even spawned this mega wacky yet retro ad:-

Now why would I suddenly pop in the name of Missile Command? The reason, my friends, is that Atari along with OMGPOP has launched a web-based Missile Command game with power-ups, tricky enemies, boss-battles and (gasp!) it is multiplayer!

Indeed! This free-to-play game can be played with up to six other players and will definitely be an intense mass of crazy destruction in the skies as missiles drop from nowhere on you. Blow up enemy nukes and conserve your own energy and save your city before it becomes a wasteland! Of course, waste your time as well, as OMGPOP’s badge proudly shows off:-


Play the revamped Missile Command now!

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