Plants Vs. Zombies for Linux

Have you heard of the famous Plants Vs. Zombies game? If not, it is an awesome game which takes you through varied levels of adventures to protect your home from Zombies who are trying to “eat your brains”. The primary defense mechanism for your home is implemented through plants who protect the house with their powers.

The zombies get more evolved with each stage and the plants get more powerful against the zombies. There are a good number of constrains like number of plants you can use and the time interval between which you can plant the same twice. This is again determined by a factor of items collected. These items are called suns in the game and you are supposed to maintain a number of suns to be able to plant each plant. In short, it is a resource management game like one of those strategy games. You have to maintain defences and protect your home. The levels are intriguing and the game-play is sheer fun. The game is suitable for all age groups and three of us authors at Techie-Buzz here love the game already.

The good news though, is that the game was available only for Windows all this long but now, you can play the game on Linux too. Simply head over to this official site to download the game. You can also play it online if you wish. Playing from the desktop has advantages like full screen support. The game is provided as a Flash game and requires no Internet connection to save scores and stages. Enjoy.
Download link goes here.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • Awesomeness! The end credit song is kick ass :D

  • warp99


  • Dumbie

    This game is NOT available for Linux. It is still only Windows and Mac. Linux users can run the Windows version over wine.

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  • zerothis

    Here’s a great idea, encourage companies to make more Linux by games by paying for Windows games! err, wait, I’m not sure how this relates to Linux; in fact, that might be bad.

  • me

    whoever ssays there is no plants vs zombies in linux, is wrong. my friend got it in linux, COMPLETE AND FREE!;)

    • HR

      IF your friend has it for linux and isnt using Wine to play it & it isnt the chrome browser extension then you should be providing a link to back up your claims. Otherwise your just pissing in the wind.