Milestone Launches Few Sony PlayStation Vita Games In India

Close on the heels of the PlayStation Vita‘s India launch, Milestone India has announced the launch of few EA titles to ensure that you continue to have a blast on the PlayStation Vita. The games are priced between ₹2,199 to ₹2,799.

PS Vita

The games that were launched and their launch prices include:

While these are available right now, scheduled for mid March is Unit 13, a third-person shooter with support for the Vita’s dual Analog sticks.

Here’s hoping Milestone will bring in more Vita games for all the Vita gamers out there! Have you purchased any of the above games? Drop in a comment and let us know!

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Will Be Free To Play

This has the potential to be one of the coolest moves Sony has done in recent times and will help save their image (somewhat). IGN reported that the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast said that Killzone 3’s multiplayer component will become free-to-play (f2p) soon enough with the distribution being handled by the PlayStation Network (PSN). The downside is that there will be a level cap on the f2p mode which can be removed by paying $14.99. Players who had purchased the full version of the game will have no level cap.


This is a welcome move from the publisher and it would be quite cool to see this implemented in other first person shooters across platforms. A free to play structured multiplayer mode doubles up as a demo for the game’s capabilities and can also allow players to get adjusted to the game should they choose to buy it. Moreover, modular sales of the game at a fraction of the total cost will benefit both consumers as well as the company. For example, I am not big into multiplayer FPSs mostly because it is hard to find local servers, so I usually only play the single player mode. I would be very happy to pay $20 for a single-player only shooter which costs about $60 for the version with the multiplayer and other bells and whistles.

The Killzone 3 f2p multiplayer download will be available on PSN on February 28th.

CodeHero Kickstarter Project Finishes Off in One Hour. Pledge to Play a Game that Teaches You to Make Games!

How would it be if you could play a game that teaches you the intricacies of code? How would it be if you can use this code in real time to modify the game world? How would it be if the bosses of this action-packed game world assaulted you with code and you had to develop dynamically to counter their attacks? Do I hear you scream “OMG AWESOMESAUCE JUST EXPLODED FROM THE MONITOR ON TO MY FACE”? (If you are not screaming something similar or dancing with euphoric release, I must say you are missing out on some tiny joys of life)


Of course, there is a game exactly like this, and is in need of your funding. CodeHero teaches you to “master the secrets of Codefoo to defeat the devious coding challenges” and with a special Code Gun (which uses snippets of code as ‘ammunition’) you can learn to manipulate things in and around the game world with Javascript and UnityScript. The game is made from the Unity3D free gaming engine that allows everyone to create, design and develop a game from scratch and publish it to mostly any modern gaming platform such as the PC, Mac, web client, Android and iPhone. By playing and mastering CodeHero, one can eventually make an entire video game (indeed, this is one of the challenges that await you as you face ShipBoss) in Unity3D.

This is history-making, in case the point did not hit the mark.

Now, the developers of CodeHero, Primer Labs, want you to help them out in their Kickstarter project. They have already reached the $100,000 goal they had set for themselves long back, but wish to take it further. Even a small pledge of $1 will get you the full game when it releases as well as access to the beta editions as they roll out. Awesome? You bet. The Kickstarter project ends in one hour so make it quick!

Tell us if you have bought CodeHero yet!

CS:GO Survey Open! Participate to [Maybe] Avail a Beta Key

The official Counter Strike blog has put up a new Steam-only survey for the upcoming team-based shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Completing this Steam-only survey may allow a player to receive a beta key to CS:GO. Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation,Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the multiplayer first person tactical shooter to look out for this year.


The beta program for CS:GO started last week with some 7,000 beta keys being given away to players of Counter Strike: Source and Counter Strike 1.6 directly on Steam, Valve’s digital distribution platform. About 2,000 more keys had gone out to other community websites from the developer. Now, with the online beta is kicking off with a Steam based survey with a random selection of players to get the most diverse amount of feedback on the game:-

Over the coming months we will make selections from the survey participants. Sometimes we might add experienced players, other times new players. Sometimes 1.6 players, sometimes CSS players, sometimes people who have played neither.

To take the survey, make sure you are logged in to the Steam client on your computer. Initially, the survey identifies the components of your computer and your internet connection speed, then you are taken to a web-based survey with a lot of rather odd questions on weapon preference, game preference (CSS or CS1.6) and other questions. Take the survey here.

Editorial: Why Mass Effect 3’s Day 1 DLC is Terrible

I really really dislike the phrase Day 1 DLC (Downloadable Content). It is basically some extra content available for gamers who pay extra on the day of the launch of the video game. This is wrong on many many levels, but we will get to that shortly. Apparently the From Ashes DLC will cost about 800 Microsoft Points (~$10) if you wish to pay for it specifically, or it comes free with the Digital Deluxe Edition.

We’re happy to confirm that Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC will be available at launch for all platforms. For those of you who have purchased the N7 Collector’s Edition (including the PC Digital Deluxe Edition), you will get this content at no extra charge. We’ll have a lot more details for you later this week! Stay Tuned!

So what exactly is wrong with this? Let’s try “everything”. First, [spoiler warning], the DLC features a Prothean. You know, the advanced race that is pretty much central to the game since Shepard encounters a Prothean artifact? The race that is extinct, but now somehow there is a living, breathing Prothean character that you can encounter only if you pay extra for it. Bioware cannot claim that this is a “small” part of the game and not having the DLC does not mean that I do not experience the game in its entirety because there is an entire new dynamic that I am completely missing out on basically because I do not wish to pay over and above what I am paying for the finished product.

The Witcher 2 Sells 1.1 Million Copies

CD Projekt RED’s Role Playing Game behemoth The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has sold an estimated 1.1 million copies since its release last April. To give you an idea of how many copies of the game that is, let’s take a closer look at the number 1.1 million.


1.1 million is

  • the number of Korean or German people in the USA
  • the TNT-tonnage equivalent of a modern thermonuclear bomb.
  • the estimated production of cocoa beans in Ghana in 2011-12 in metric tons

Now that the obligatory irrelevant information part has been taken care of, let us move on to the beefy matter of the subject, shall we?

Yes, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has sold 1.1 million copies. Bear in mind that this is a PC only game, and sales like these without the marketing budget of a big publisher like EA or Activision-Blizzard is unheard of. Eurogamer reports that of the 1,110,055 copies sold 270,000 were digital downloads with about 40,000 on CD Projekt RED’s sister digital distribution site, DRM free. It heartens me to tell you that the sales of the first Witcher game also picked up, with around 400,000 copies of The Witcher being sold along with the pre-orders and the like of the newer game.

It is no secret that I loved The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and that I harbor greater love for the developers since they released a beautiful AAA game DRM-free (the retail copies were made DRM-free via a patch), continued to support it with free DLCs and are now planning to update it to an Extended Edition – for free. This is way better than releasing Day-1 Downloadable Content, like a Certain Other Publisher Of Note. I can only hope that the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 (to be released on April 17, 2012) also sees these kinds of sales.

Ironclad Games Announces New F2P MOBA Sins of a Dark Age

I must say that the makers of Sins of a Solar Empire are terribly unimaginative when it comes to naming their games, but I have found little else to be annoyed at from Ironclad. The 4X Real Time Strategy (RTS) powerhouse of a game that was Sins of a Solar Empire (with some games stretching for days, yes – plural) revived the great old space strategy genre and Ironclad wish to use their knowledge gained from developing this game to power a new kind of RTS and field-combat hybrid game. You may have heard of several Massive Online Battle games (MOBA) such as League of Legends, Guild Wars or DotA. Yet, Ironclad is on the verge of doing something that only a few games have tried to do: make a real time strategy game in which players either control their armies from above – like most RTSs – or lead the armies in battle on the field a Heroes – like most action Role Playing Games (Mount & Blade comes to mind) called Sins of a Dark Age.


In Sins of a Dark Age, players either choose the Commander role to supply minions and make grand strategies or the Hero role in which quick-fire decisions and a physical presence in the battlefield are required. It is as yet unsure as to how the players will work together (beyond using obvious tools like chats and PMs). From the developer’s website:-

Sins of a Dark Age is a totally new and unique strategy experience that combines elements of the Traditional RTS and the Action RTS. We took the best parts of each, innovated on both, and added our own twists and turns resulting in something unlike any other strategy game. Despite all this we still feel it is remarkably accessible for new and veteran players alike.

We’ll be revealing progressively more information about the game over the next few months as we lead up to the beta this summer. One thing we learned from Sins of a Solar Empire is that the year-long beta and open player feedback is incredibly important and was critical in building it into the success it became. I remember people openly trashing our pride and joy and it was very painful – but it was necessary. We listened and changes were made. Hopefully, it won’t be that bad this time and it won’t take as long but we are willing to go through the same process (or worse) again if necessary. As you may have guessed we don’t have a release date – it’ll be done when it’s done.

So it will take a while for the game to go gold and be accessible to all. However, I am very much inclined to believe that Ironclad will make a successful game out of this. I cannot wait!

Borderlands 2 Trailer Reveals 870+ Gajillion Bajillion Guns and 4 Player Co-Op

Note: There might be more than 870 Gajillion guns over and above the 87 Bazillion guns of the original. I am still debating as to which number is higher, but for now these facts must do.

Borderlands was one of the most fun (as in it made me laugh like a maniac every time I killed something with an Elephant Rifle) first person Diablo-type game with guns I have ever played. The cel-shaded world that could be explored as freely as you would want, mindlessly shooting skags, mindlessly shooting hoodlums, mindlessly shooting robots, and mindlessly shooting aliens and mindless- you get the idea. In addition playing co-op with our very own Sathya and trying to understand how the vehicles operated in the game made it tons more fun!

Now 2K Games is coming up with Borderlands 2, and the trailer promises that you will “joy puke your face off” when you play it. I am inclined to believe it. The bunches of features added in the new game are:-

  • New characters! The fat and beefy Salvador, the lithe and sensuous Maya, the Engineer-like Axton, and the Assassin-class Zero.
  • Flying machines! I think.
  • FOUR player co-op. Seriously, 4 player co-op gameplay. I cannot wait. I am already giddy.
  • Player customization.
  • More Claptraps
  • Generally more violence and guns
  • Lots and lots of guns
  • Some more guns

Okay okay I’ll breathe! Sheesh. Man cannot have his share of being excited at things these days…

Borderlands 2 is set for a September 18 2012 release date for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Preorder goodies are also shown in the video!

Mass Effect 3 Preorder “Offer” Ends a Little Too Quickly on Origin

I have a feeling that EA has a ginormous amount of insurance against Origin’s failure. If I take that as a sound basis then all of EA’s moves with respect to their digital distribution platform would start to make sense. Currently, it just makes them look so silly that the phrase “what are they stupid?” becomes redundant and obvious. Remember the (US/Canada only offer, as pointed out by Sathya) Mass Effect 3 preorder offer at Origin? The one that would give away a free copy of Battlefield 3 to all those who preorder the game? Well, it turns out that EA has “run out of the limited copies of Battlefield 3” and will be ending the offer 3 weeks early. They ran out of digital copies.

At least, that is what I suspect, because the deal was on until the 5th of March. It has stopped now and those who had preordered the game will receive the Battlefield 3’s key by March 8th. That is right, they have to wait until Mass Effect 3 is released and then get the key for the existing game. Apparently, EA has done this before – with the Battlefield 3 preorder which came with a free copy of Dead Space 2.

I have no idea who decides these things at the head office of Origin, but it’s certainly not someone with a lot of sense. I mean, there’s not even an apology or a blog post explaining the issue.

Mojang Starts the Humble Mojam Bundle–All Proceeds to Charity!

We all know of the Humble Indie Bundle by this time, I’m sure. It’s a pay-what-you-want bundle of indie games with proceeds going to the developers, charity or the organizers of the bundle – Wolfire. However, this time the developer team behind Minecraft and Scrolls – Mojang Specifications – has put up an entirely new kind of pay what you want sale for a game that will be made over the weekend. That is right, you will be paying (whatever you want) for a game called Mojam that will be made right before your eyes (did I tell you that the making of the game will be livestreamed? Yes it will be). The best part? All proceeds from this sale will go to charity and non-profit organizations.


The indie studio Mojang will be livestreaming all the glory and drama of making a brand new game in 60 hours. Based on a poll of more than 100,000 users, Mojang is tackling a real-time strategy shoot ’em up with a steampunk ancient Egypt theme!

The participating organizations for this one-of-a-kind sale are the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Child’s Play Charity, the American Red Cross and for the first time, Charity: Water. This excellent venture has already received about $97,000 plus at the time of writing. It would be fun to see it go past the 500,000 mark as the game starts taking shape.