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5 Great Apogee Games on Impulse.

The name Apogeeor 3D Realmsis synonymous with Duke Nukem Forever and thus is also known as troubled. The publisher/developer has quite a few great games under its belt and also that one biting wound of Duke Nukem Forever. Nevertheless, I remember Apogee vividly for it was their games that I played first when the first home computer was bought in our house. Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, Bio Menace, Commander Keen ah, those were the days. Now Impulse is selling 5 great Apogee games for $5.99 apiece. Yes, Rise of the Triad, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Planet Strike, and of course Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project can be yours at that great price! Also, the blurbs on Impulse are so yesteryear that in today’s context they sound very funny!


Here is a glance at the awesome games of yesteryear!


Rise of the Triad: As part of the High-risk United Nations Taskforce (HUNT) you must stop this maniac evil cult leader from killing millions of people. In this game, you can look both up and down, up to 45 degrees, to see what is above and below!! Wow! Yes, sir, this is 20 Megabytes of explosive graphics, animations, music and digitized sounds!that you can play with your friends over IPX!!


Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold: With a title like that I am expecting nothing more but sheer awesomeness from this title. As Dr. Pyrus Goldfire’s main enemy, Blake Stone must find a way to stop his maniacal plan of… doing stuff. With Adlib & Sound Blaster support (FM and digitized sound effects, IN STEREO!)and diminishing lighting effectsthis game is an audio-visual extravaganza!


Blake Stone: Planet Strike: It’s the 22nd century. British military agent Blake Stone is called again to save humanity from some other perilous peril. With a Real-time Automap, I can only dream of how great this game would have been when it was released!


Duke Nukem 3D: C’mon, do you really need a descriptive paragraph on Duke Nukem? Where were you all these years?


Duke Nukem Manhatten Project: Total Mutant Mayhem? Oh yeah, totally! Insane action and a rich 3D world to fight in, this game was pretty close to awesome when it was released. Buy it now!

So, which games did you buy in the Impulse Apogee catalog?

Galcon Coming to the iPad

Indie gaming + true cross-platform multiplayer + casual strategy = MegaAwesomeWin (MAW). If you did not buy the Indie Game pack on Steam that I told you about a few thousand years ago, then you have made a grave mistake. Well, guess what? Phil Hassey, the maker of the Galcon games, has had an iPhone version for quite some time now (from where the desktop Galcon and Galcon Fusion evolved from, if I am not mistaken) and has been working on an iPad version.


Galcon fusion is a space-strategy game in which you control planets that produce triangular ships that can be used to conquer other planets. A very simple setting with a variety of different modes and fast-paced multiplayer action that forces you to make split-second decisions make this game a must buy for anyone who is looking for casual strategy. If you are going to own an iPad in the future, this game will also feature cross-platform support!

In his own words:-

Even more exciting news is that Galcon Fusion is coming to the iPad!   This means that Galcon will be the first truly cross-platform real time multiplayer strategy game for the iPad. Players will be able to share the same servers with people using PC, Mac, and Linux.   The iPad version of Galcon is shaping up to be the perfect hybrid between desktop Galcon and iPhone Galcon, with larger maps, more options, up to 12 players per server, hi-def graphics, and other features before available only on the desktop version, yet also featuring the unique touch screen interface and multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone

If there was a time when I’d actually appreciate the iPad for what it is, it would be now. This is nothing short of awesome!

Steam Web Store Totally Looks Like Steam Client Store

I apologize if you did not get the slight Twitter-ish pun in the title. It was very subtle. Anyway, on to the point the Steam store that you access via your web-browser looks exactly like the Steam store you access from the client, complete with auto-buffering muted video  {Not anymore. See Updated news}  (at least on my Chrome). Ugh.

Steam client
This is the website on the browser now…

Steam client
…and this is the store on the Steam client.

Ogres and Autoplay
As well as the irritating auto-play option.

Why would Valve do such a thing, especially when users absolutely hated auto-play?


Well, it sure seems like Valve saw this post OR somehow it recognized my browser as a Steam client. Either way, everything’s back to normal now.

Kalypso’s Strategy Collection on Sale on 50% off!

Ah, those were the days when I used to call up my friends and discuss strategies involving the demolition of a German-controlled dam. Yes, I am speaking of the Commandos games tactical strategy at its finest. There were no scarce resources to be worried about, nor were there buildings to construct and units to train. There were your commandos, and there was the mission and the enemies surrounding it. It was sheer brilliance. Now, is selling the Commandos as well as other great strategy titles from publisher Kalypso Media Digital for a whopping 50% off. If you buy a single game separately, you get a 30% discount nothing short of awesome!


Commandos Ammo Pack: Strategy? Ha, Commandos players will laugh in the face of the current strategy. Nothing was more challenging as religiously studying the enemy’s movements, strategizing and executing the entire orchestra in one swift and brutal swoop. Yet, nothing was more satisfying. As the commander of an elite troop of commandos deep behind enemy lines, your missions were of sabotage, skullduggery and assassination. This is one of the best tactical strategies set in World War II that I have ever played. Buy it!


Commandos 2+3: With advancements in graphics, Pyro Studios did not forget about gameplay. Commandos 2 packed the same amount of cunning and challenge as its predecessor did. However, Commandos 3 did not quite live up to expectations with its control problems. Nevertheless they are both excellent games.


Imperial Glory: Europe is yours for the taking in this time of strife. Do what it takes to gain Imperial glory as you build, maintain and dominate empires. With all the elements of strategy thrown in for good measure, this is a great game by Pyro Studios.


Port Royale: ASCARON’s pirate game was in many ways similar to Sid Meier’s Pirates! but had a little more economy management and less action. With 4 different timelines based on real historical events, this game had quite a lot of piracy involved (no puns intended) when it was released.


Praetorians: The Roman Empire, the battlefields of Egypt, Gaul minus Asterix and Italy during the Crusades. The Praetorians has all this and much more as you prepare yourself for a war of domination during the tumultuous times of the Roman Empire.


The Patrician 1+2: Do not like battles and warfare? Well, The Patrician games are just for you. Two great trading sims set in the backdrop of the Hanseatic League, maritime trade is your profession and piracy and diplomacy are your weapons!


Tropico Reloaded: Political sim? Ah, yes! Tropico was the definitive political simulation game as you controlled your Caribbean banana republic. Fight poverty, rebellions and the occasional urge to rip away your computer in frustration as a tropical storm hits your shores as you play this game!

Buy the Kalypso strategy collection on!

Torchlight Available for 75% Off on Steam and GamersGate

Remember Torchlight? Yes, that nifty little Diablo-esque action RPG we reviewed. Well, one Steam sale notwithstanding, Torchlight has captured another Weekend Sale on Steam at $5.00. Not wanting to be left behind, GamersGate has put up the game on sale for $4.95 5 cents less. There are the residual advantages and disadvantages of the two, but I’d recommend everyone to go for the Steam version because it has achievements, no DRM and, well, it’s Steam.


The game is an action RPG that takes the better parts of the Diablo series and crafts it with colorful visuals, outstanding sound and an expansive and deep dungeon world. Though most of it is mundane mouse-clicking, it attacks the player’s just a minute moreweakness and thus is very addictive. The game always puts up a new item which on closer inspection is actually a small modification of the original but you buy it anyway. This is a great game for action-RPG lovers, and the price is just right. Go ahead and buy it!

Buy Torchlight from Steam for $5.00 or from GamersGate for $4.95.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut for $9.99 on Impulse. Buy it.

As you may have noticed from the title of this post itself there is no question about this deal. If you like RPGs, you have to utterly, completely, definitely, unquestionably buy The Witcher. I have never been so vociferous when it comes to a game but this is no mere RPG.
This is by far one of the triumphs of gaming evolution, with moral dilemmas whose consequences you have to face 10-15 hours into the game.
Although it does seem like I am going overboard with my love for this game (and I might have just a teeny bit mind you) this game from CD Projekt deserves as much. As an RPG gamer, I haven’t played anything quite like this. With Impulse’s deal, there is no question of debating. I repeat, if you have the money and like RPGs, you should not wait and go ahead and buy it for $9.99.


As the renowned monster hunter (a Witcher) Geralt of Rivia, players will explore the rich and well-written universe where there is truly no rightor good. The player’s decisions have a major impact on the storyline. I still cannot believe the ending of this game which stayed with me for a very long time. When a game actually makes you feel guilty for a lot of things that you have done, it definitely deserves to be right up there with the greats.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut features the D’jinni Adventure Editor, the Official Soundtrack CD, a Music Inspired by The Witcher CD, an official game guide, a Making-of DVD with behind-the-scenes video footage, and a map of The Witcher’s world. Loaded with this enhanced features this game is a must buy.

I really hope the RPG fans go ahead and buy this amazing game. This is one deal that should not be missed.

Buy The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut from Impulse for $9.99. To Release Classic Atari Games on its Portal has been featured quite prominently around this site and with good reason. Good Old Games, the brainchild of CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski, sells DRM-free classics of yesteryear at two price brackets – $5.99 and $9.99 (or sometimes free). It also has a thriving community that is dedicated to the games it plays and is not concerned with petty fanboy disputes (mostly).

atari-logo has been adding more and more publishers since its inception with Majesco, Ubisoft and Activision joining the ranks of Now Atari has signed a deal with the service and will be entering the family in April. According to the site’s twitter feed, there will possibly be 10 games from Atari adorning the catalog of


There were the necessary floating teasers that are always followed by something really big where it concerns (duh). Well, frankly speaking, I did not expect it to be this big. I do not know how I am going to survive April with so much of temptation on! To save money for birthday or not. How about one of you guys gifting me Icewind Dale (if it is one of the 10 games) for my birthday?

Craft of Gods Open Beta Event From April 2nd

If you like Slavic mythology, Russian dev studio Cyberdemons’ new Massively Multiplayer game Craft of Gods should catch your fancy. Set in a huge gameworld (which is a redundant statement, considering that this is an MMOG!) Craft of Gods will cater to the crowds that enjoy Realm versus Realm (RvR) or Player versus Player (PvP) gaming with huge battles and smaller duels constantly peppering the servers of this game. The game will also contain different elements of Player versus Environment (PvE) gameplay, possibly just to increase the level and little else. The developers have released details regarding an Open Beta event that will run for four days. This could be one of the last times you can play this game in Beta before its public release!

Craft of Gods

With 6 different races in 3 different factions (Light, Neutral and Darkness) and complete customization with 210 different skills spread over 14 schools (phew!) this is destined to be one of the larger MMOGs with a large presence in Europe. In this game you can also become a Demigod gaining special powers and skills within your realm.

If you wish to try this game’s beta, you will need to register here on the Kalicanthus website  and you will receive a beta key. The key will be valid as soon as the servers are online. The servers will come alive on April 2nd at 2:30 PM CET and will go offline on April 6th at 2:30 PM CET. Do let us know how the game is when you do play it!

Nintendo 3DS Announced

NintendoNintendo plans to launch a new model of its DS hand-held game console that allows users to play 3D games without using special glasses. It is set for release before March 2011 in Japan. This new hand-held seems to be much more innovative than that bigger-screened Nintendo DSi XL.

Dont worry my friends,3DS will definitely be backward compatible with currrent DS and DSi games.

Earlier this year, it was discussed that there is a possibility of a motion sensor being part of a new Nintendo DS. However, it is still not clear whether 3DS will use a sensor with the ability to “read the movements of people playing.”This remains a rumour until the next meeting, which is scheduled on June 15, 2010 at Los Angeles. Another rumour suggested that NVIDIA’s Tegra processor would power a new DS hand-held.

It seems that Nintendo, a strong competitor of Sony and Microsoft, is trying its best to do a world of good in the market.

X-COM Complete Pack for $9.99 on Impulse

You are not a retro strategy maniac if you have not played the X-Com series. The five games in this series have defined the genre where it comes to the mash-up of strategy and Science-Fiction. Aliens, mostly, will be what you will be fighting. If you love controlling soldiers and shooting down Independence Day aliens, boy are you going to love this series. Stardock’s digital distribution website, Impulse, has put up the entire series for the unbelievable price of $9.99 for a limited time only. Yes, X-COM: UFO Defense, X-COM: Terror from the Deep, X-COM: Apocalypse, X-COM: Interceptor and X-COM: Enforcer are bundled together in this fabulous limited-time only offer!


X-COM: UFO Defense: Set in 1999 when a strange encounter of the nth kind has happened (do forgive the cheeky reference) UFOs are attacking and disrupting Earth’s skies. As the commander of the formidable X-COM you will defend Earth with the finest technology known to man and add alien tech to your growing arsenal.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep: The slumbering aliens that have crash-landed on our planet do not yet have any sort of organization. Soon, however, a dilapidated computer network seeks to awaken the entire colonization army and wreak havoc on our Earth. X-COM will be doing the needful here as well, saving Earth from these evil colonial aliens!

X-COM: Apocalypse: Alien interference seems to have broken socio-physical fabric of human lifestyle in the last remaining mega-city on Earth. As X-COM prepares to covertly investigate this matter, an unknown danger rears its head.


X-COM: Interceptor: With the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources, corporations and humanity take to the stars. However an old adversary has put a stop to human expansion in the resource rich Frontier region. Command battleships and manage resources in this strategy game!

X-COM: Enforcer: As a 3rd person shooter, this game stands out from the rest of the X-COM roost. As an X-COM special soldier an Enforcer battle hordes of alien invaders with your robotic suit and advanced weaponry.

Do not miss this opportunity to get the entire X-COM series on Impulse for $9.99!

WCG India Will be Organized After All

Two dedicated Indian gaming event management specialists will be vying for the post of WCG India organizer this year. With the exit of Indiagames, Xtreme Gaming and Re-Inforcement have voiced their openness to organize WCG in India. This is consolidated by the fact that both of these companies have organized several gaming events in the past.


Gamebashing reports that after a quick question to speakers from both companies, it is likely that either of the companies would like to take over this huge e-sports event and keep the fire of competitive gaming burning in India. However, it seems that Xtreme Gaming will be the one organizing WCG as Re-Inforcement has taken over the organization of the ESWC this year.

The question of ICM’s support still lingers in the air as it has not made any contact with these managers as yet. Nevertheless with enough funding, gamers from India stand a chance to visit Los Angeles for the finals of this year’s WCG. Thank you and a thousand good wishes to either of you, Xtreme Gaming and Re-Inforcement!

Between-Days Gaming Friday

This edition of Gaming Friday (GF) has been propelled into the future due to unavoidable circumstances involving time machines, Planescape: Torment, another GF and cartloads of chocolate. Do bear with us as we bring you the Everything That Hit Gaming Shores This Week episode. I am still hung over Torment which I re-started playing about a week ago.

Worms: Reloaded and Alien Breed: Impact get their own Steam Community pages! Yay but there is no beta in sight for either of these games.


Impulse has released the strategy classic Total Annihilation for $9.99 and has promised to treat it as a new game with constant updates and the like. Impulse also has a weekend sale up for grabs this time.

Steam, on the other hand, is running a sale for the super-realistic World War II shooter Sniper Elite. Patience, slow breathing and great reflexes are a must for this game. is running a sale for two great adventure games!

The MMO/Racing hybrid Need for Speed: World has entered into another public beta. Here’s how you can get in on it.

iPhone gamers can rejoice as Spikey’s Bounce Around has been released for free for a limited time.


Bad news for Indian gamers as the World Cyber Games’ Indian edition is in a fix as main organizer Indiagames withdraws from the entire affair due to lack of funding.

Sony has opened up an ear for its fans at long last listening to their suggestions to better serve them. Adventure Weekend Sale – 50% Off on Two Great Games

I think it is redundant to describe the games on as redundant. It is kinda obvious from their name (Good Old Games, for the uninitiated) that their games are old (by the standards of time and not gameplay) and that they are great. These games have aged gracefully and even now are pretty much the best the world of gaming has to offer. So when launches a weekend sale of The Longest Journey and Sanitarium it is hard to rein in your excitement. These games are nothing short of AWESOME when it comes to the adventure genre (which is my second favorite genre the first being its focused cousin, the RPG).


The Longest Journey: One very long game, this game also has one of the best stories around. As April, an 18 year-old art student, you will shift between the reality of Stark and the dream-world of Arcadia. Stepping into each of these realms through portals and doorways, you will have to maintain the balance of these two worlds through your actions. Beautifully written and executed, I bought this game as soon as I found out that it was on sale. Buy it!


Sanitarium: I remember playing a demo of this game when I was a kid (around ten years ago). I remember the opening sequence of the car crash and the insanity that the world of Sanitarium was. It was both terrifying and interesting at the same time when you grapple with amnesia and see the horrors of the madhouse around you. Then you venture out into the town and… well it is insane. There are no other words for it. It’s an amazing game. Definitely worth a try.

Impulse Weekend Sale

Impulse, the digital distribution service of Stardock corporation has launched a major sale on Impulse. They are offering quite a cartload of games on sale with promises of more in the future. The games on offer have discounts varying from 20% to 50% off! Through Impulse’s sale, you can get Aveyond The Lost Orb, Imperium Romanium: Gold Edition, Port Royale 2, World of Goo and World War 2 Time of Wrath.


Aveyond The Lost Orb: This old-school RPG is the third in the Orbs of Magic series and has all the nuances that make up the RPG genre including humor. This game can be yours for $6.75!


Imperium Romanium: Gold Edition: As a governor of a Roman province, the fate of that province as well as its prosperity and fortune lies in your fingers and your mouse-clicks. As a ruler of a great Roman city, you will need to effectively manage resources, public relations and religious beliefs to prosper. Kalypso Media’s city simulator can be yours for $13.60


Port Royale 2: Controlling and establishing a port in the 17th century Caribbean is no joke. Ascaron’s economic simulator has been well received as being friendly to even those who dislike the genre. This game can be yours for $9.99


World of Goo: Controlling lovable little balls of goo that instantly stick to each other and become structures that obey the laws of physics, World of Goo is an instantly gratuitous puzzle game that reaches across age-groups. Nothing short of awesome,   you can buy World of Goo for $9.97 on Impulse.


World War 2 Time of Wrath: Set in World War II, this game is a larger version of the classic Risk and puts you in charge of an entire Allied, Commitern or Axis nation, its economic and armed resources for a grand-scale warfare simulation. Buy World War 2 Time of Wrath for $20.99!

Sony Opens Up an Ear for its Fans

With an increasing number of its users becoming quite vile about its shortcomings, Sony’s PlayStation wing has opened up a dedicated site called PlayStation.Blog Share. Here, fans can submit their own ideas and the community votes on the idea.


In its own words, this new serviceis dedicated to bringing certain ideas to life:-

Do you have an idea for how to improve the PlayStation experience? If so, Share it! PlayStation.Blog Share is a place to formally submit your best ideas on how we can improve all PlayStation products. It’s also a place where you can discover and vote on other people’s ideas, as well as communicate with us and other PlayStation fans about how to bring great ideas to life. You can only submit one idea per day. Make it count!


I was pleasantly surprised to see a tweet that went to a completely new section of the PlayStation blog. With a little bit of snooping around it seemed that Sony was genuinely interested in hearing from its fans at long last.

Let’s hope Sony does act on the suggestions. I for one am hoping that the PSP dev kit is priced lower in the future!