CryEngine 3 Free SDK To Be Released By Crytek

Crytek is on a roll with yet another highly successful game released for their adoring fans (so what if it did not break computers?) and on the heels of the release of Crysis 2 comes the announcement of the Crysis 2 editor for the modding community to go wild with (considering that some of the finest mods in recent times were of the original game, Crysis).


But that was not all that CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, had to say in the extensive open letter published for the Crytek modding community. Yerli also mentioned that a free CryENGINE SDK (Software Development Kit) will be released for modders who wish to go above and beyond the normal modding capabilities and wish to make an entirely new game while building on the resources available in Crysis 2.

The meaty part of the announcement, however was that modders will get free access to the CryENGINE 3 (for non-commercial use) in August 2011. In other words modders and budding game programmers will be given free access to the same engine that powers Crysis 2 and the engine that is widely regarded as the most powerful gaming engine currently available. In his own words, Yerli says:-

This will be a complete version of our engine, including C++ code access, our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline), shader code, game sample code from Crysis 2, script samples, new improved Flowgraph and a whole host of great asset examples, which will allow teams to build complete games from scratch for PC.

GDC 2009 – Mod DB

This is an extremely good piece of news for both the modding community as well as the consumers who thrive on the creativity of the modding community that has spawned many-a-gem of a game. (Counter Strike was a mod, if you remember!)

Devious Garry’s Mod “Bug” Catches Pirates

The internet is a very devious and dangerous place. Yet it is as fascinating to watch as a bar brawl from the periphery of the brawl with a cloak of invisibility around yourself. There are many devious and dangerous people in this analogy of a medieval tavern, but the same kind of people populate it merchants, commoners and, of course, pirates of the high seas masquerading as legitimate businessmen. The following account happened at the Valve’s distribution service, Steam:-


One of Steam’s most well-enjoyed games is Garry’s Mod created by a Mr. G. Newman (not the Gabekind). Since it is so well loved on Steam it is also well-loved in the shady corners of the pirate bays, so Garry thought of a plan and posted an update of the game later. Then he asked a very innocent question on his Twitter account:-

Anyone unable to shade polygon normals?

Apparently a few legitimateusers on the official forums were reporting the same bug, saying that the game crashed on startup with this error code:-

Engine Error:
Unable to shade polygon normals(################)

In a few hours, the user who had the problem was permanently banned from the forums for pirating the game. Also, the the string of numbers (###…) was basically the 64-bit Steam ID of the user, which was not on Steam’s database as a registered user of Garry’s Mod. Guess whose account was going to have some problems?

A very clever way to weed out the pirates. Good going, Garry!

Bioware’s Sequel Celebration Gives Mass Effect 2 for Free

– with a purchase of Dragon Age 2, of course. (You knew that there was a catch, did you not?). The folks at Bioware have put up a new scheme for April where a purchase of Dragon Age 2 and registration with Electronic Arts (EA) will get you the download code for Mass Effect 2.


Here is how to go about it:-

To qualify and get your Mass Effect 2 PC download code, please follow these steps before April 30, 2011 at 11:59pm PDT:

  1. Purchase your copy of Dragon Age II (if you do not already own one).
  2. Activate the Online Pass content that came with your copy of Dragon Age II (The Black Emporium).
  3. Start the game and log in using your EA Account or create a new EA Account.
  4. Visit and log in with that EA Account.
  5. Enter your Online Pass code and click “Submit”. You will then be provided the code for Mass Effect 2.
  6. Open the EA Download Manager and enter the code to commence download (if you don’t have the EA Download Manager installed, it can be found here:

NOTE: Please allow 72 hours between time of online pass activation and submitting your online pass code on

Quite swell, isn’t it? However, as Sathya in a moment of intelligence and wit that could not have possibly been his (Smile with tongue out) said this of the offer somebody at Bioware needs to be shot. Most of the players of Dragon Age 2 are also Mass Effect 2 players. In fact, if Bioware was trying to get newer players to its epic franchise in the science fiction end of the spectrum, it should have given a free download code for the first Mass Effect game.

Perhaps that will come too, eventually. For now, follow the instructions and get a free copy of Mass Effect 2 if you already do not own it.

GIRP Is A Punishing, Pointless And Incredibly Addictive Game

One does not simply QWOP into Mordor, said Gandalf to Frodo, with a kindly twinkle in his eye the kind that softly pours into your heart akin to looking at a matte print of creamy butter.

Do you have any idea what I am referring to? Yes it is QWOP, the legendary under trained runner who ran in the Olympics and… mostly never finished his 100m race. (I was most definitely not referring to the Lord of the Rings. Not in the slightest bit). From the makers of this horrendous (and hilarious) game comes GIRP.


The thing with QWOP and GIRP from foddydotnet (Dr. Bennett Foddy) is that while most other games are alright with you being slightly inaccurate with your controls, these games punish you, and punish you harshly for even the most minor of infarctions committed while carefully juggling controls.

GIRP is a game where the entire alphabetical keyboard (or most of it, anyhow) is the controller. You are a rock climber. You must press the letter on your keyboard corresponding to the rock climbing ring to grab hold of it. Then you must pull yourself up by flexing your muscles. Sounds easy enough? Oh yes, it is. Very easy. Do check it out for yourself if you want I assure you it’s very easy. (Forsooth, it’s incredibly tough)

The server had crashed after a recent explosion on Reddit and Minecraft creator Notch’s Twitter stream. It’s tough, twisted and way too addictive to be played during office hours.

Do go and spend a few hours on the game.

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed. Gearbox is Not Running Yet

WAIT! It was not our fault. Go beat the guys at Gearbox over here. We did not break anything, honest. Even Randy Pitchford did not he was the last person to know about this!


Aside from the flakily humorous announcement video of Duke Nukem Forever’s delay, it seems that Gearbox is pushing towards a stable release rather than a buggy and ridiculously unplayable May release which would do more harm than good for the studio that has taken one of the gaming world’s heavyweights for development. I am pretty sure they understand that it would be hard to please the average 30 year old teenager (considering the fact that once you do get this game, you automagically become a teenager or a pre-teen, no matter what)


The new release date given is June 10th for the international version and June 14th for the North American version. The earlier release dates were May 6th for the international version and May 3rd for the North American version.

Wait, what? Yes the international release is 4 days earlier than the North American release. This is… a first. We would like to see how the gaming community responds to this strange rescheduling.

Do tell us how you feel about this change of release dates in the comments below!

Minecraft Merch Store is Up and Running

So when Notch was talking about a Minecraft franchise, he absolutely was not kidding. The first step of this franchise is to start your own merchandise store as opposed to letting other people mint money with your game’s designs. (Kidding everybody loves the diverse collection of Minecraft tees). Mojang Specifications have opened up their merch store on J!NX and are already taking orders on the different kinds of t-shirts up for order.


The best part about this entire merch store? The t-shirts (especially this one) is in tune with pop culture on the internet (albeit slightly late); seeing a Three Wolf t-shirt parodied by a Three Creeper t-shirt is hilarious. For those that did not understand that the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt is a pretty normal t-shirt featuring three wolves howling at the moon. What is hilarious is that it attracted ironic reviews on Amazon such as:-

Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women

Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the ‘guns’), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.

This review by Brian Govern sparked off an insider joke that not only resulted in hilarious Amazon reviews, but also great sales for the t-shirt since it became an internet phenomenon. A Creeper is the name given to the most irritating monster on Minecraft that follows you and when it comes near you, it hisses like a dynamite fuse and explodes killing you in the process.


So which t-shirt will you be buying today, intrepid miner?

Duke Nukem Forever Might Just Spark Off a Controversy.

Granted, the Duke does not really court the generally non-offensive part of gaming. His games are filled with goofy and pseudo-chauvinist ideologies that are misinterpreted by mothers and girlfriends worldwide as being generally anti-feminist. However, the Duke is basically a man who concerns himself with saving women worldwide (they do need saving in his world), smoking a few fags (cigarettes) and happily urinating on urinals and watching a vibrator with inconsequential grunts and getting rewardsfrom lesbian schoolgirls.


Yes, the Duke does not court controversy, honest. But we’ve had this conversation before, haven’t we?

Thing is, has unearthed the Official Xbox North America scans of Duke Nukem Forever’s multiplayer scans, and it appears that among the normal Deathmatch and King of the Hill modes (disguised as DukeMatch and Hail to the King), there appears to be a Capture the Babemode which is akin to Capture the Flag mode with babes instead of flags. Do I hear outrage? Wait for it.

Apparently, the babes sometimes freak outwhen you carry her to your home base. What better way to reassure her that everything is fine than to smack her bottom gently and coo her too sleep? Nothing at all, readers. The magazine, however, reassuringly states that a slap on the bum is more goofy than insensitive.

Duke Nukem Forever is slated for a May 3rd release and will probably spark off protests the day after.

BIT.TRIP RUNNER Review, or How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Smashed the Keyboard

Alright I did not literally smash the keyboard, but I came maddeningly close to doing so while playing BIT.TRIP RUNNER (coincidentally, while playing Super Meat Boy as well, but that’s another story). Gaijin Games’ second WiiWare to PC port is incredibly addictive, gloriously pixelated and at times, incredibly tough. It’s so much fun that, well, everytime you see the end of the level and get kicked back to the start, a little part of you dies.


BIT.TRIP RUNNER is a fast paced on-rails platformer. This means that your character (Commander Video is his name) is constantly running towards the right hand side of the screen and you have to time your jumps, kicks, slides and launches with the incoming obstacles. Every action you time right will add to the chiptune music track playing in the background. Running in to or jumping on to giant plus signs increases the number of musical instruments playing in the background and makes for a richer gaming experience, since everything about this game is about timing and rhythm. So I would recommend playing this with great headphones it’s a blast.


The graphics are gorgeous. Everything is retro inspired and pixelated. But there’s this certain charm for 16 bit graphics in three dimensions (or at least two and a half), wouldn’t you say? There are three different zones with twelve levels each (including one boss level per zone). Each zone has a different visual and aural esthetic attached to it kudos to the design team!

The objective of this game is to collect carefully placed gold bricks that are the sole way you can earn points in this game. The giant plus signs are score multipliers as well with each plus sign multiplying the gold bricks’ points by 10. Collecting all the gold in a level opens up a bonus level inspired by the Atari 2600 classic Pitfall. The gold in the game is kept at precarious spots and a non-ninja would bump into an obstacle if said ninja did not time the jump/kick/other-BIT.TRIP RUNNER-action properly. This results in an instant teleportation to the start of the level and resetting of all the scores no checkpoints.


Yes, no checkpoints. If you were this close to finishing the round and got hit by an obstacle, BAM! you’re back where you started. Frustrating? Yes. Annoying? After a while, very much so especially when the levels are terribly long. I get how the retro-inspired hard-as-nails trend is back with indie games these days, but for gamers looking for a short burst of gaming, some of the levels are very long and unforgiving.


In conclusion, BIT.TRIP RUNNER is an addictive and beautifully designed game and is just a few notches short (especially in the balance section) of being the BOZARKINGINSTANTRECOMMEND from Techie Buzz’s very sane gaming staff.


A Platformer without Jumping–NightSky Review

It goes without saying that a big chunk of platforming games depend on level design, ambiance and the variation of the enemies. Nifflas’ Games eliminated that last dependency and upped the ante on the other two and have presented NightSky for PC gamers. Originally conceived as a WiiWare game during Game Developer Conference 09 as Night Game that never saw the light of the day, NightSky is a muted and atmospheric physics based puzzle-platformer that will have you admiring each level’s silhouetted and dreamy denizens as you whizz past them.


You control a ball with some sort of life force. In some levels you can speed up the ball or invert the gravity as well. In some levels, you do not have any control over the ball (except braking). That is not all. Some levels allow you to control pinball flippers instead of the ball while others put the ball inside a car, with the ball touching both the wheels of the 2D car. It is interesting to note that the game’s physics are spot-on with the ball’s spin and momentum being conserved and realistically damped. If you’ve catch and throw or any other game involving spherical objects, this game will be very easy for you to get into.


This is also attributed to the game’s design. NightSky is made for casual play, preferably right before you sleep. The atmosphere is mellow and soft with an enchanting music track that suits the game’s feel perfectly. Each level is beautiful and silhouetted against the waning sky ,with quirky creatures of the night looking curiously at you, the player. You will roll past dark caverns (not the scary kind, mind you), grassy meadows at dusk and mountainsides silhouetted against the dark blue twilight sky in the background. Everything in NightSky is designed to ease you into the splendor of slumber.


With eleven worlds (not including the very well designed creditsworld), NightSky will keep you entranced for quite a while, as the difficulty scales up well in the later stages. An easy game to play, NightSky is a welcome break from the hair-loss-inducing VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy.

Get the demo of NightSky at Nifflas’ Games’ website. You can buy the game at either Fastspring or Steam.

Steam Guard by Valve–Friendly DRM or More Intel Love?

It has been a few days since Valve officially opened the valve on the new kind of identity management service for its digital distribution platform Steam. Named, very creatively, Steam Guard, the service will allow users to locktheir Steam identity semi-permanently to their main computer. More precisely, the gamers can lock their Steam ID to their Intel processors (the second generation kind with the Corebrand name with Sandy Bridge et al).


This kind of two factor authentication system is akin to what Google has recently given to its users, and what the RSA keys have been to corporates with Enterprise Resource Planning servers and other systems. The Core CPUs will soon be updated with the Identity Protection Technology (IPT) that generates a key every 30 seconds according to some preordained algorithm. Once the Steam account is synced to this processor, it will not be available for use anywhere else. Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell was so confident about this new tech that he freely gave away his username and password for people to try (and fail) at hackinghis account.

However, this piece of technology is teetering towards the locked down EA-DRM kind of protection. While Steam does not allow for two computers to simultaneously login to the same account, anyone can download as many games as they want on any number of systems from the same account, go offline on their Steam client and play for as long as they want. If this kind of protection eventually becomes mandatory for systems running the Core CPUs, how many PCs can you authenticate? Will this create a problem for the folks on AMD machines and older Intel processors? (Agreed very feeble questions, but questions nevertheless!)

Either way, to hackinto Gabe Newell’s account, login with these details:
Username: [email protected]
Password: moolyftw

(Mooly refers to the nickname of Intel Corp.’s Vice President Shmuel Eden)