Open Source PS3 Jailbreak Released

Right now, you would not want to be one of those PS3 security programmers. For years the console remained dormant without any major breakthroughs in the homebrew scene. Where its little cousin, the PSP was the hackers’ favorite, the PS3 remained in the throes of Sony’s unbreakableconsole category.


That changed with the Australian PS Jailbreak USB dongle that was released a couple of weeks ago. The gaming world was equally divided between skeptics who questioned the feasibility of the hack and enthusiastic gamers who wished to legally backupgames and run homebrew (unsigned code that otherwise cannot run on the console).

No sooner had word escaped of the PS Jailbreak dongle’s success than the internet community was rocked with the news of an open sourceimplementation of the PS Jailbreak. PS Groove is the open source world’s answer to the PS Jailbreak. Passionate hackers have released this mod in the wilds minus the ability to run backed up games or ISOs promoting on free homebrew and not piracy.

PS Groove requires a USB development board such as the AT90USBKey that is available for around $30. Following the instructions in the git repository anyone can utilize the jailbreak at home.

Rejoice homebrew community, rejoice! I personally cannot wait to get a PS3 to try all this out!

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  • WTF

    EEEEEh, how fucking stupid is that, only reason people wanna jailbreak their device is because the wanna play pirated games..


    • ThisTF

      The potential for homebrew development on that hardware is phenomenal. Pirating games is already possible, this is hardly necessary.

      • Muck

        No on the ps3 it’s not

    • ManiacsTJewels

      That might have been true back when installing a Linux distribution was possible without jailbreaking.

  • gat_pt

    what fuck the sony programms were thothing
    the ps3 is unbreak
    they are

  • You might want to update this article because Sony recently released a firmware update that breaks the hack used for the mod chip. Since, unfortunately, the firmware update is required to use your PS3 at all, this mod chip was obsolete 3 days after it was publicly released.

    Hopefully, your readers will save their money and not spend it on something that is totally useless.
    I have written an article regarding the same.