OnLive to Go Live in June. Preorders available.


Boldly tagged as The future of video games, OnLive is the newest consolethat has been all the rage around the world. The catch here is that it is a virtual console. OnLive is a subscription-based service that allows you to play the best games with the best graphics without having to purchase the hardware. How do they achieve that? Through the magic of broadband internet! Yes, the controller movements are sent to the server and low-latency video is fed back at blinding fastspeeds to your TV, PC, Mac or your iPhone. Yes, your iPhone. In the near future you would be able to at least spectate a game with your iPhone while it is going on with full graphics. Just imagine the power of this system!


This new cloud-based gaming service will be launching on the 17th of June. OnLive has also released pre-order forms. The monthly subscription fee is $14.95 which for a month full of jaw-droppingly beautiful games is quite a small amount (although you still have to buy/subscribe to the games which does kind of suck). If this does work, it will change the face of gaming forever at least in the USA for the time being!

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