Online Multiplayer Neverwinter Game in 2011?

It took me a while to recover from the nerdgasm, but Atari has announced a spanking new online multiplayer game (not Massively Multiplayer) based on one of my favorite Dungeons & Dragons settings Neverwinter. Set for a Q4 2011 release, the game titled Neverwinter will be an online experience of 5 players in co-op (or one player plus four AI companions) set in a campaign whose story will be written by the renowned fantasy author R.A. Salvatore.


Developed by Cryptic Studios (the same people who worked on Star Trek Online), the game will be released with pen-and-paper campaigns and an entire story series that will also be penned by Salvatore. However, don’t get those custom character sheets prepped yet for you will be limited to one of the five classes (Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Wizard and Cleric, according to Gamespot). While much of the intricacies of the game-mechanics have not been made public yet, some info has been revealed about the custom game making toolkit named Forge. If all goes well, this will see some great mods akin to that which came along with the original Neverwinter Nights developed by Bioware.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see good ol’ RPGs make a comeback. Hopefully this game will deliver, and deliver well!

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