Official Magicka PvP Announced!

I think the video that made me go for Magicka was this one. It perfectly portrays the humor in the game along with the necessary niceties of the Magicks that populate Arrowhead’s fantastic magical game. It is thus no big surprise to me that the game has had great sales even though the initial buggy start seemed to have rocked the foundation of the game. Though there were a lot of grumbles initially from expectant users, most of the bugs have been fixed by the hard working team at Arrowhead, and their first few 24-hour updates did a lot to improve the game.


Eventually, players made unofficial PvP games in the multiplayer servers of Magicka. PvP or Player versus Player mode is a game play mode in many online multiplayer games. In PvP, human players fight other human players for loot, gold or simply the glory of being the champion. In Magicka, unofficial PvP is implemented by turning on Friendly Fire (i.e. your attacks hurt your companions as well) and ticking on the Drop Items on Deathoption on a server.

Arrowhead’s CEO Johan Pilestedt said that the team has been looking at the unofficial PvP matches and are quite delighted at what they have seen. The community is already arranging PvP tournaments and we are learning a lot about balance by watching you play, he said. The studio will be developing an official PvP mode as well as allowing modders to modify the game content.

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