Need For Speed Hot Pursuit E3 Trailer, On Sale This November

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit E3 Trailer, On Sale This November

EA will be releasing a new refresh for the Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit this November. The game will go on sale on November 16, 2010 and pre-orders are available right now.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

EA recently demoed the game at and a preview of the game is available to watch online.

nfs_hot_pursuit_car nfs_hot_pursuit_police_chase

The game has some stunning graphics and hot new cars and will challenge you to become Seacrest County’s top cop or most wanted racer. The unique part of this game is that this is the first time you can choose to play on either side of the law, which means that you can either play a cop or a top racer. NFS Hot Pursuit is available for pre-orders, you can pre-order a copy at Amazon for $49.95. Pre-order NFS Hot Pursuit at Amazon.

Watch the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit trailer revealed at E3 2010 in the video embedded below.

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  • Anurag

    i just love this game..awesome ,eagerly waiting for it

  • Advent

    I realise that one of the songs used for the demo was by Marolyn Mansyn but who does the secend song at the second half of the game trailer the unvailed at E3. This song pops up right as the helicopter drops the speed trap on the road in the trailer. That song was awesome!

    • herriottjj

      30 Seconds to Mars-edge of the earth

  • Daryl

    What was the name of the first song in the trailer?