New Mount & Blade Game Officially Announced

Mount & Blade: Warband is one of my favorite games. This is because it allows me to do things I see in the movies in the most brutal, undignified and feudal way possible. It allows me to be either an adventurer, a feudal lord or a King of the pseudo-realistic realm of Calradia (which is very similar to Europe), collect taxes, protect fiefs and generally either contain or create havoc. All this while personally leading armies that have hundreds of soldiers in each battle charging behind your horse as you impale, slice and shoot at enemies while on your horse.


So when a new Mount & Blade game is announced by Taleworlds; one that includes new modernweapons such as pistols, muskets and crude grenades and promises more political intrigue, new factions and a generally awesome feel that follows the Mount & Blade games, I have every reason to get excited, and so do you.


Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword will involve all of the above stated features, along with the fact that this game will be set in Europe and not Calradia. A Europe that you, the player, will fight to rule. While it is not an entire clone of the original Mount & Blade game it will contain a definite story and a rich pool of historic events that have been thoroughly researched it will contain the essence of the M&B games specifically the mounting and the blade-ing.

I’m not complaining at all, though.

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