NecrovisioN: Lost Company Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam and Impulse

When NecrovisioN, the original game featuring shocking horror mixed with First Person Shooter (FPS) elements, was released it received mixed reviews; the game was mostly praised for its run-and-gun nature and criticized for its relative lack of anything more complicated. Nevertheless, it was priced well and told the story of a young American soldier during the Great War. As Simon Bukner and his men were pushed deeper and deeper through a series of dark trenches on a particularly bloody battle, they discovered that war truly was hell. Combining magic, demonic powers and the good old Springfield .30, this game kept several players happily occupied especially because it was cheaper than quite a few other games out there.


NecrovisioN: Lost Company aims at recreating that spectacle of gore, magic and vampires in a prequel to the original. However, the perspective is switched you play a German soldier who discovers and fights the monstrosities from underground. You will lead troops from every country as they are gathered around in the front on a massive assault against these evil beings until finally you succumb to the evil powers and become the first Necromancer who opposes Bukner from the original.


With ten new levels, fifteen new characters and quite a few special upgrades in addition to six new weapons, this one will definitely appeal to all those who enjoyed the original.


NecrovisioN: Lost Company is available on Steam and Impulse.

Bonus for Steam buyers: Those who preorder Lost Company get a free copy of the original NecrovisoN if they pre-order! This offer ends on the 20th of February! Hurry!

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