Minecraft Mods Get Finalized

The community behind hit indie game Minecraft is what makes it so great. While some players of Minecraft are drawn to the incredible easy yet deep gameplay, others are also drawn in by how easy it is to edit the game’s code and create new and extremely cool things for the game. These are called Mods short for Modifications. Throughout its life, Minecraft has had countless mods made for its source and some of them have been integrated into the original game, with Mojang paying a royalty to the mod-maker.


However, the current model of mods did not have any kind of protection against malicious code. In effect, layperson players who do not understand code will be at a loss if they implemented a mod and found that it was malicious especially since the game needs an internet connection to verify your credentials.

For the longest time, there was this mod situationthat Notch had to rectify. A day ago he posted an entire proposal on his tumbr, with a plan for a small feefor signing up as a mod developer (which guarantees a certificate of authenticity from Mojang). However the Great Connected Hivemind (also known in various other cultures as the Internet) convinced him to remove the fee for signing up as a mod developer. While we personally think that Notch should not bow to the internet’s wishes so easily we also understand that it was the community that made him what he is today. Either way, it’s good to see great approvedmods coming the Minecraft way!

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