Minecraft Hits the One Million Mark, Updates to 1.2

Before we get on with this post, I want to ask you, the reader, what the number one followed by six zeroes actually implies. In terms of dollar bills, one million $1 bills would weigh just over 1 ton. However, since a copy of Minecraft does not sell for $1 (it sells now for $20 and was sold for $13 earlier), Minecraft developer @notch has about 13 to 20 tons of $1 bills in his bank account. (More correctly they are in his company, Mojang Specifications’ bank account).


What is more phenomenal is that this game is not even a fully polished, fully released version. It’s still beta. So when a post saying that Minecraft has sold one million copies is titled Exclamation Mark, it is very understated. As an honorary, the millionth customer was given a custom unique cloak to use in multiplayer games:-


That’s all very nice and all, but what is the point of all this if the game is not updated at all? Thankfully no one got to ask that question the devs of Minecraft released v1.2 yesterday to a huge amount of happy sighs from the customers. The awesome bits of the new update are note blocks (which you can tune and play). I can’t wait to see Rube Goldberg machines made out of this that play the Mario theme or something. Trust me that’s going to happen sometime.

The full list of updates are on Notch’s tumblr. Have fun playing with all the new goodies!

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