Microsoft Project Natal Coming Later Tonight [E3]

Microsoft caught us by surprise and literally swept us off our feet with their unveiling of the futuristic “Project Natal” in E3 2009. Here is the ubercool launch video, in case you had missed it earlier.

In brief, Project Natal is the codename for an Xbox 360 add-on that would provide a controller free gaming and entertainment environment. With Natal you can ditch your gamepad and remote control. You will be able to play games, watch movies and do more using just your body.

Tonight Microsoft is organizing a special pre-E3 event dubbed the World Premiere Project Natal’ for the Xbox 360 Experience at the Galen Center. The event is scheduled to begin at 7PM PST. Although cameras are strictly prohibited, you need not worry, since Microsoft is going to stream the entire event live. You can find the links to watch the Project Natal launch and other E3 events live in our previous post.

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