Microsoft Kinect Priced $149 on GameStop

Microsoft just announced that would go on sale starting November 4th, however, they did on reveal the price of the device at the E3 2010 event.

Microsoft Kinect Price

Turns out that GameStop already has the Kinect for Xbox 360 listed on it’s site and the price according to GameStop at-least for the Microsoft Kinect is $149. GameStop also has an elite bundle of Kinect Elite Bundle for $399 and Kinect Arcade Bundle for $299.

GameStop is also allowing pre-orders on Kinect, however, the device will only start shipping on November 4, 2010. Check out all the Kinect pricing at GameStop here.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Kinect Priced $149 on GameStop”

  1. When Microsoft announced the unveiling of Kinect360 bundle, one of the issues that pop out in most blogs and forums is its pricing scheme. The introductory price of $400 Xbox 360 which includes motion sensor, traditional controller, and Kinect Adventure game has created different opinions about its market feasibility.

    Based on my experience as a professional marketer, Microsoft should communicate their marketing pitch not in a “hard sell” approach but rather subliminal in a way. They have to blend it with what the majority of their target market’s lifestyles and leisure preferences so the latter can readily accept and put the idea of purchasing one into their “wish list”.

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