Microsoft Employee Says Kinect Buggy and Not A Wii Killer

Ok, go slow and take this with a big pinch of salt, this may not be true at all, but no one has used the extensively, so this cannot be untrue too right now.

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One of our posts made it to the N4G home page recently, and while browsing through the comments on the post (comment #4 by mricecreamman), I saw something interesting which says that there might be some problems with the sensors right now.

Kinect Problem Comment

Here is the comment text from the image above (emphasis added):

i work for microsoft here in out west and gotta say it’s pretty fun, but it’s not a wii killer. if too many people is around the sensor it becomes non responsive and sometimes it has latency. this is just a replica of when sony came out with the eyetoy..which it didn’t do so well.

Now there are a few things here, the person in question says that the Kinect is pretty fun but not a Wii killer. I have to agree with that fact, because Wii is in a different league altogether. Wii is for fun gaming, exercising, dancing, playing Mario and more and not for playing Call of Duty, for which you will of course use the Xbox 360. Wii in itself has a cult status amongst its users for motion gaming.

Another important point this person brought up was the fact that if too many people crowd around the device sensor it become non responsive and has latency, so this means that the device is definitely not ready for house parties yet and is a bit buggy. Once again, this might be a non-issue when Kinect actually comes out on November 4. Another aspect of this claim is that neither has Microsoft demoed Kinect with a crowd and neither will be there games which will require lot of people to be near the sensor at once.

This issue might not be a big issue at all, however, it could be a problem when you have a crowd around or maybe use the Kinect to play Wii like games :).

Last but not the least, the person compared the device to EyeToy, a digital camera device which Sony came out with for the PS2 which used computer vision and gesture recognition to process images taken by the camera. Now, no Microsoft employee would like to compare their own device with, but like I said it could just be an anonymous person out there. With 100K plus employees you will always get one who does not like the product or place they work for.

Based on the comment by the person, it is fairly OK to say that even if this is true, I never had a doubt in my mind that Kinect would kill the Wii, it would take a real long time for them to do it. However, more importantly the sensor issue (if it exists) still has almost 4+ months to be fixed, so by November 4 you might not even see those issues. However, what if Microsoft can’t fix it or not live up to the expectations they have build up?

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  • Dan

    Seriously? This person can barely string sentences together in a coherent way. If they work for microsoft they're at most a cleaner.

    The fact they compare it to the eyetoy, claiming it's the same, suggests merely a fanboy. The tech in the kinect, and the software powering it, is far beyond the eyetoy.

    Whether it'll do well is yet to be seen, but taking that comment as even close enough to standing the merest chance of possibly being truthful to publish it, is just ridiculous.

  • Paul

    May be he works in the mail room and is a Sony fanboy.

  • Neil

    You're wrong about using the Kinect for Call of Duty. Activision isn't the biggest fan of these new motion controllers, so they're not prepared to implement them into CoD until they want to, And plus, Microsoft is so far making family-fun games, i.e. Kninectimals, Kinect Sports, and that supposed Star Wars game. Sounds a lot like the Wii's lineup to me.

  • smoke

    Im pretty sure someone from microsoft would know how to use proper grammar. Fail of an article !

  • Mikey

    I work at Nintendo and played Kinect at E3. Kinect is much more fun.

    See how easy it is.

    • @Mikey – Yea it was easy :-) My bad, but like I said it might not be true at all

  • Larry

    I can not believe that you actually consider a comment made on n4g; written by someone who can barely formulate a correct sentence, news worthy.

    In the future, I would suggest that you take some sort of journalism class. It makes the rest of us look bad when people see "news" stories like this, written by enthusiasts and bloggers, and think that that's how it's done.

    • Larry – Like I said earlier, take this with a pinch of salt, it does not necessarily mean that this was poor journalism or just done like that.

      News does not always come from old school and it is not really necessary for some one who could form a proper sentence to be wrong. Again it was just a piece of news I thought could be true and carried it, as you can see that throughout the article I have also made sure to say that these problems may not exist in the actual release of the Kinect.

  • Luca

    <blockquote cite="I can not believe that you actually consider a comment made on n4g; written by someone who can barely formulate a correct sentence, news worthy.">

    Still, the lag issue is real, as all can see looking at E3 conference. I don't thing Kinect will have big sales considering its cost and the game seen so far. I hope to be at fault but this is my feeling right now.