Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo

Metal Gear Solid this phrase refreshes a countless set of memories. Hideo Kojima made one of the most compelling and unique gammetal_gear_solid_peace_walker_logo_c1es back in the day in 1998 for the PC and the PSX. This game spawned an extensive series around the story of the first game and Portable Ops was the first entrant of this series on Sony’s handheld, the PSP.

Now, a sequel to the highly acclaimed Portable Ops has come for the PSP in the form of Peace Walker. The story, set in the year 1974, deals with an unknown army of soldiers who have taken over the country of Costa Rica and have brought in the eponymous Peace Walkernuclear waMetal-Gear-Solid-Peace-Walkerrhead. Snake is asked by the Costa Ricans to save their country, however he finds out that this unknown army is financed by the CIA. What follows is yet another Kojima thriller with twists and turns and many old characters being drawn into this cold war centric game.

Of course, if you cannot wait to see how this one measures up against Portable Ops, you can download the Japanese demo (released at the Tokyo Game Show) from IGN‘s page. Be warned however, that this is a Japanese version everything is in Japanese. An IGN forum topic and FAQ has been setup to help you with this game. Download the ~151 MB file and unzip it in your PSP->GAME folder and go save Costa Rica!

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