Medal Of Honor 2010 Trailer

With the immense success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, action games are back in demand big time. Now Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to revive their flagship game, Medal of Honor.


They recently unveiled a trailer of the game which will be released in fall of 2010 and is set in Afghanistan. The graphics in the trailer looks fantastic and the game play even more awesome.

If you have been a Medal of Honor fan, this game is very well worth the wait. Catch the trailer after the jump. Warning: The trailer is unsuitable for children.

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  • will

    To bad the multiplayer being made by D.I.C.E. . I dont like the battlefield games and prably not this one either. Nothing can top Mw2 multiplayer

    • old man pj

      i have played M.W 2 multiplayer and honestly i dont like it. i suppose it is meant for a younger audience. we older guys take our time in everything where as the younger guns seems to enjoy the fast pace. So conclusively to say. Not every genre appeals to everybody. Some gamers love racing. Others FPS. They live in their world, as we play in ours.

  • I'm getting so sick of FPS though….nothing new these days.

  • cool, thats a great game. Trailer looks very nice.

  • Jimmy Thomson

    What the Beard!!!??

    • A. Nguyen

      Listen, the beard is the major gimmick in the game. I mean, who wouldn't say that a bearded guy wearing sunglasses and cap, holding a rifle doesn't look awesome?

  • old man pj

    so looking forward to playing M.O.H tier1. Although i think battlefield bad company 2 really did spoil the gaming community with the large maps, destruction of buildings, bullet drop etc. Games in this genre are really going to have to step up to entice gamers the way BFBC2 did. I for one dont enjoy the close combat maps of C.O.D. It feels rushed and personally, i enjoy creeping up on an enemy and relieving him of his dog tags, or taking my time to arm a crate.