Killzone 3 Multiplayer Will Be Free To Play

This has the potential to be one of the coolest moves Sony has done in recent times and will help save their image (somewhat). IGN reported that the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast said that Killzone 3’s multiplayer component will become free-to-play (f2p) soon enough with the distribution being handled by the PlayStation Network (PSN). The downside is that there will be a level cap on the f2p mode which can be removed by paying $14.99. Players who had purchased the full version of the game will have no level cap.


This is a welcome move from the publisher and it would be quite cool to see this implemented in other first person shooters across platforms. A free to play structured multiplayer mode doubles up as a demo for the game’s capabilities and can also allow players to get adjusted to the game should they choose to buy it. Moreover, modular sales of the game at a fraction of the total cost will benefit both consumers as well as the company. For example, I am not big into multiplayer FPSs mostly because it is hard to find local servers, so I usually only play the single player mode. I would be very happy to pay $20 for a single-player only shooter which costs about $60 for the version with the multiplayer and other bells and whistles.

The Killzone 3 f2p multiplayer download will be available on PSN on February 28th.

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