Impulse Weekend Sale

Impulse, the digital distribution service of Stardock corporation has launched a major sale on Impulse. They are offering quite a cartload of games on sale with promises of more in the future. The games on offer have discounts varying from 20% to 50% off! Through Impulse’s sale, you can get Aveyond The Lost Orb, Imperium Romanium: Gold Edition, Port Royale 2, World of Goo and World War 2 Time of Wrath.


Aveyond The Lost Orb: This old-school RPG is the third in the Orbs of Magic series and has all the nuances that make up the RPG genre including humor. This game can be yours for $6.75!


Imperium Romanium: Gold Edition: As a governor of a Roman province, the fate of that province as well as its prosperity and fortune lies in your fingers and your mouse-clicks. As a ruler of a great Roman city, you will need to effectively manage resources, public relations and religious beliefs to prosper. Kalypso Media’s city simulator can be yours for $13.60


Port Royale 2: Controlling and establishing a port in the 17th century Caribbean is no joke. Ascaron’s economic simulator has been well received as being friendly to even those who dislike the genre. This game can be yours for $9.99


World of Goo: Controlling lovable little balls of goo that instantly stick to each other and become structures that obey the laws of physics, World of Goo is an instantly gratuitous puzzle game that reaches across age-groups. Nothing short of awesome,   you can buy World of Goo for $9.97 on Impulse.


World War 2 Time of Wrath: Set in World War II, this game is a larger version of the classic Risk and puts you in charge of an entire Allied, Commitern or Axis nation, its economic and armed resources for a grand-scale warfare simulation. Buy World War 2 Time of Wrath for $20.99!

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