Imported Games to be a Lot Cheaper in India

The Union Budget 2010 of India has given gamers a reason to cheer. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee presented the budget today and though the Opposition staged a noisy walkout, it gave us gamers a reason to cheer. Why? Because it appears that the excise duty on importing games has been reduced. Under customs/excise duty on import/export, this line was seen:-

Rationalisation of customs duty on gaming software.

Huzzah! But how exactly will that help gamers like you and I? Gamebashing originally reported this, noting ┬áthat for those who are intent on playing a newly released game it would be really helpful (although for PC gamers, there’s always digital distribution). However, it will definitely help console gamers as each copy of the game is imported, as opposed to PC games where an Indian publisher imports the master CD. Although just how much it will help console gamers is yet to be seen:-

It needs to be seen what effect it’ll have on the price of games in retail as distributors in India too import the game CDs (for consoles) rather than importing just a master CD.


Yes, the Indian gaming scene is looking up, what with the launch of a couple of games from Indian developers for the PlayStation systems and now this.

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