If You Are A Good Shooter On The Console, You May As Well Be In The Field

03 Recent studies have shown that good gamers are good soldiers too. Which apparently means that earning all of that virtual reputation, virile gold stars and experience may as well help you out in the real, bad world too.

According to work done by the U.S Office of Naval Research, regular gamers are more able-bodied and capable when it comes to encountering real-world battlefield situations. The U.S Defense website said that video games can help adults process information much faster and improve their fundamental abilities to reason and solve problems in novel contexts. As per research, gamers perform 10 to 20 percent better, when it comes to perceptual and cognitive abilitythan non-gamers. Moreover, tactical games also result in increase of short-term memory retaining capability.

The research on gamers has been put into place due to the increasing challenges that American soldiers face, and to find tactics to train these soldiers better for the constantly changing fields of battle.

Ray Perez, an officer at the Office of Naval Research’s warfighter performance department said "I think we’re at the beginning of a new science of learning, that will be the integration of neuroscience with developmental psychology, with cognitive science, and with artificial intelligence."

I smell Iron Man.

Thanks, CNet.

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