Green Man Gaming Signs Deal with Sony for SecuROM DRM

The independent PC digital distributor  Green Man Gaming has signed a deal with Sony DADC to include its SecuROM DRM in the distributor’s games. For the UK-based retailer, this deal is a sweet opening ceremony gift about 19 days before their release day.

Green Man Gaming

Digital Rights Management, though shunned by many of the gaming community, is a necessary evil for the protection of intellectual and digital property and the first barrier against piracy. Capcom, Take2 Interactive, Ubisoft and EA all use SecuROM. Online retailers such as GamersGate, Steam and Impulse use (or have used) SecuROM on some of their titles although the client for most of these digital distributors acts as a sort of DRM on its own.

Paul Sulyok, CEO of Green Man Gaming, said,

This partnership dramatically accelerates our initial offer to include the majority of AAA PC titles that are currently available. We are looking forward to working with SecuROM and bringing PC gaming to a wider audience through Green Man Gaming and our retail partners.


While the site is not going to be up for a few more weeks, we will try to find as much info on this new digital distributor as possible. Stay tuned for more!

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