Green Man Gaming Sets Up Double-Money Weekend

Remember Green Man Gaming? Yes that oddball new digital distributor that allowed you to trade-in your played games for cash-vouchers that could be used to buy other games? Well, they still seem to be alive and kicking.


They have started off with a double-money weekend. Simply put, if you trade in your games before Sunday, the 5th of September, you will get double the cash value for the trade in. As they say in their flyer:-

Trade-in any of your existing Green Man Gaming titles this weekend and get double the trade-in value for the game!
Build up credit on your account with our exclusive Double your Money on trade-ins offer, and treat yourself to one of the many new releases that will feature on Green Man Gaming in the lead up to Christmas.

Still confused? Well, mostly every game on Green Man Gaming has a trade invalue that is specified before buying. It’s usually around half the price of the game.


Once you finish playing the game, you can choose to trade it inas if it it was a physical medium. Trading it in adds the trade-in value to your account from where you can choose to buy more games. This weekend, every trade-in that you do effectively doubles which basically means that you get your entire initial amount back. How is that beneficial for their sales? I have no idea. Especially since they are stocking what are effectively Steam gift codes.

Their website is a little lacking in presentation and their business model seems kinda lossy. Nevertheless, they stock some pretty good games that are worth the buy. Do check the GreenManGaming sale today!

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