Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Announced for the iPad

The Grand Theft Auto series of video games from Rockstar Studios has always been a cash cow for the studio. Giving people the opportunity to play the bad guy for once, the series exposes a criminal underworld of a fictitious city (such as Vice City or Liberty City) based on a real-world location. With lots of action, car chases and an open world to roam about, the game is the epitome of clever game design as well as an immersive world with a strong storyline. Originally available for the Nintendo DS, the game was later re-made for the Sony PSP and the iPhone/iPod Touch. Now, Rockstar has announced an HD version of Chinatown Wars for the iPad.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was one of the most successful handheld games in quite a long time. First released for the Nintendo DS system, the game garnered a bunch of great reviews. Sometime later, Rockstar re-made the game for the Sony PlayStation Portable and quickly reached to the top of the Metacritic rankings, followed quickly by an iPhone version. While the recent versions of the Grand Theft Auto series featured third person action, Chinatown Wars adopted the top-down 3D perspective for better visuals on the handheld devices this has translated well for handheld gamers who want a quick game with relatively less lag on the go.

The iPad version called Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD will have more than 50 missions, lots of side-quests, customizable music, and much more to romp about Liberty City as Huang Lee. Chinatown Wars HD will be available in the Apple App Store from September 9 for £5.99 ($9.99 in the USA)

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