Good Old Games [] Shuts Down ? Or Was It Taken Down ?

Gamers have often showered love upon Good Old Games ( – for a very good reason. is a online computer games sales & distribution service – just like Steam but with a twist – specializes in selling some of the classic games of yesteryear at pretty low prices. The icing on the cake was that all the games you purchased were DRM free, with no clumsy authentication clients and what not.

I got a bit of a shock today when Keenan Weaver tweeted about this – and this is what we are shown when you visit

Truly, a sad day for gamers.

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Sathya Bhat

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  • Wow, fate’s a bitch. First we have DNF and we cheer. Then this happens. What a waste. :[
    Sad, sad, sad day for gamers.