GOG.com caters to RPG lovers with Divinity Pack for $7.98

Now that Divinity 2 has been released, the best classic games digital distribution site is selling Divinity and Beyond Divinity together for $7.98. Kick-ass if you ask me, if this Game Central review is to be believed. This promo is only up for this weekend and will end on Monday, February 22nd at 11:59PM EDT.



Divine Divinity, the first game in this series is acknowledged by many as being one of the greatest action RPGs around. With a lot of customization possible such that the builds are different each time you play with either the Fighter, Mage or the Survivor. The game itself is massive anything between fifty to sixty hours of your life will be spent on this game and all its side quests. Now if you truly are an RPG fan, you know that the time spent playing an RPG is equivalent to reading a huge fantasy novel, watching its movie and being its hero/heroine all in one. So ignore the comment on the amount of time you would spend on the game and immerse yourself into it!

Beyond Devinity

Beyond Divinity however did not get as much praise as its predecessor did, nevertheless it is an action RPG and if you really liked Divine Divinity you must consider buying this one although it is not a prerequisite for Divinity 2.

I for one have never played the Divinity games, but now that this weekend promo is up on GOG.com, I am seriously considering buying these gems (at least one of them is) and adding them to my ever-growing queue of games I still have to play. Do let us know if you enjoyed Divine Divinity in the comments!

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