GOG.com Adventure Weekend Sale – 50% Off on Two Great Games

I think it is redundant to describe the games on GOG.com as redundant. It is kinda obvious from their name (Good Old Games, for the uninitiated) that their games are old (by the standards of time and not gameplay) and that they are great. These games have aged gracefully and even now are pretty much the best the world of gaming has to offer. So when GOG.com launches a weekend sale of The Longest Journey and Sanitarium it is hard to rein in your excitement. These games are nothing short of AWESOME when it comes to the adventure genre (which is my second favorite genre the first being its focused cousin, the RPG).


The Longest Journey: One very long game, this game also has one of the best stories around. As April, an 18 year-old art student, you will shift between the reality of Stark and the dream-world of Arcadia. Stepping into each of these realms through portals and doorways, you will have to maintain the balance of these two worlds through your actions. Beautifully written and executed, I bought this game as soon as I found out that it was on sale. Buy it!


Sanitarium: I remember playing a demo of this game when I was a kid (around ten years ago). I remember the opening sequence of the car crash and the insanity that the world of Sanitarium was. It was both terrifying and interesting at the same time when you grapple with amnesia and see the horrors of the madhouse around you. Then you venture out into the town and… well it is insane. There are no other words for it. It’s an amazing game. Definitely worth a try.

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