God Eater Japanese Demo Now Available for Download

If you really enjoyed (or are enjoying) Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite, the Japanese master-blaster when it comes to PSP action RPGs, you are definitely going to love Namco Bandai’s God Eater which has done quite well in Japan towering over Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest VI. In this game you take control of God Eaters’, pretty much monster hunters in the modern world who fight huge monsters in expansive environments. Sounds familiar? Well, here’s the catch: they fight with Jinki, huge magical weapons that transform into a beastlike form when they are powered up. Sounds kick-ass if you ask me!


Joystiq reports that D3 Publisher, Namco Bandai’s subsidiary publishing house, has taken it up to publish God Eater in the West. Q3 2010 has been demarked for the publishing of this demanding game for the PSP system.


However, those really interested can download a Japanese demo. This 140MB demo aims to get people talking and picking up copies of the game from stores, so you can expect it to be action-filled and making you want more from it! The webpage has mostly Japanese directions, but the images and some words are in English, so it will not be hard to understand. Download the demo and have fun!

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