GIRP Is A Punishing, Pointless And Incredibly Addictive Game

One does not simply QWOP into Mordor, said Gandalf to Frodo, with a kindly twinkle in his eye the kind that softly pours into your heart akin to looking at a matte print of creamy butter.

Do you have any idea what I am referring to? Yes it is QWOP, the legendary under trained runner who ran in the Olympics and… mostly never finished his 100m race. (I was most definitely not referring to the Lord of the Rings. Not in the slightest bit). From the makers of this horrendous (and hilarious) game comes GIRP.


The thing with QWOP and GIRP from foddydotnet (Dr. Bennett Foddy) is that while most other games are alright with you being slightly inaccurate with your controls, these games punish you, and punish you harshly for even the most minor of infarctions committed while carefully juggling controls.

GIRP is a game where the entire alphabetical keyboard (or most of it, anyhow) is the controller. You are a rock climber. You must press the letter on your keyboard corresponding to the rock climbing ring to grab hold of it. Then you must pull yourself up by flexing your muscles. Sounds easy enough? Oh yes, it is. Very easy. Do check it out for yourself if you want I assure you it’s very easy. (Forsooth, it’s incredibly tough)

The server had crashed after a recent explosion on Reddit and Minecraft creator Notch’s Twitter stream. It’s tough, twisted and way too addictive to be played during office hours.

Do go and spend a few hours on the game.

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