Microsoft Launches Gears of War PC Game for $19.99

Microsoft has launched a digital version of Gears of War for PC at $19.99. Gears of War for PC can be purchased and played using LIVE Games on Demand.

Gears of Ward PC

Gears of War has been a popular Franchise on Xbox 360 and has amazing tactical action and multiplayer excitement. Gears of War has already sold more than 3.5 million units for the Xbox 360 platform and is a very popular multiplayer game. The game includes new multiplayer maps, multiplayer game type and a Game editor which will allow games to create new user generated content.

Gears of War can be purchased for PC using the LIVE Games on Demand client for a price of $19.99. For more information and purchasing details visit this page.

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  • Wow that's a great price for such a good game. I have it for the Xbox 360 and its so fun to play. Mulitplayer is also fun but the players are too good.

  • It's about time they release this game for the PC, I think Microsoft should release more games from the XBOX to their PC versions!

    Till then,


  • I agree with that. I got so excited for Red Dead Redemption, watching the trailers and all that on Facebook and then I finally realized that it was only for Xbox. Grrr… I thought it could cure me of my WoW addiction.