Gaming Friday Buzz and Deals Roundup

Welcome to the newest weekly feature of Techie Buzz. Each Friday night, we hope to hound all you gamers with the latest news, deals and more from the world of gaming in bite-sized pieces. The first part of Gaming Friday is the Buzz that highlights the latest news of this week, while the latter part is the Deals section for all you gamers who buy legit!



  • Great news for Indian console gamers: post the Indian Union Budget, gaming softwareimports are to get cheaper. Pranab Mukherjee’s Budget was not without drama, but at least us gamers received something for the first time. Note: Newspapers have not mentioned much regarding this, but let’s see how things go about.
  • A new Steam client UI opened up for public beta. With a lot of new features and a shiny exterior, Valve has given Steam users a chance to use and comment upon this new client. Though it has its host of issues, it will be ironed out in the coming days for a much nicer experience while using Steam.
  • The classic Atari game Missile Command has been released for free multiplayer online play by OMGPOP. This rehash of the nostalgia-inducing Missile Command will feature power-ups, new enemies and boss-battles.
  • A new Worms game is going to be released on the PC exclusively through digital distributor Steam. Worms: Reloaded will be an extended edition of the earlier console versions.



That’s it for now from Gaming Friday. Do let us know how you enjoyed it and what can be improved in the next edition by commenting below!

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