Games for Windows Live sale! Batman: Arkham Asylum for $12.49

Now there is competition for Steam’s weekend sales!
Games for Windows Live, the extended Xbox Live lookalike for Windows PCs has prepared a milieu for more users to utilize its service seeing that relatively few gamers know of its digital distribution wing. So it has responded by launching a series of weekend deals for Windows games at attractive prices. At the head of this (hopefully) grandiose deals month is the acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. This weekend, this game could be yours at a hefty 75% discount price of $12.49.


Seamlessly blending the comic book superhero with the gloom that surrounds Chris Nolan’s movies, this game allows you to scare your enemies blind and hunt from the shadows. With the madhouse of Arkham Asylum flooded with The Joker’s minions, it is up to Batman to cleanse the premises off the filth of the baddies.


You will have to fight a myriad number of enemies including the Croc, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy. Using Batman’s set of great tools, you can cut through enemy lines, swoop down to them or follow smoke clues to the next part of the story.


With an engaging storyline and many collectibles, this game is a must for the die-hard Batman fanatic, or the casual superhero-aficionado.

This limited-time deal ends on the first of March. Buy it now!

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