Gaikai and InstantAction Team Up for Streaming Games

What happens when a revolutionary new technology that lets you play any game online in your browsermeets embeddable PC gaming? According to Industry Gamers, it will fix the brokengaming industry. Gaikai, the only visible rival to OnLive will be partnering with InstantAction to deliver the most modern PC gaming experience right on your blog, website or Facebook profile!

Gaikai, with its trademark Streaming Worldstechnology streams the game at full resolution and speed to your internet-enabled computer and lets you play these games without the requisite hardware or software. While this is pretty much the same thing that OnLive will be serving, Gaikai will be fee-free!

InstantAction, on the other hand, relies on small downloads and your computer’s processing power to play games. The result an embedded flash-like game stream that is smooth enough without having a relatively fast internet connection.

So if you have a relatively fast PC, you can start playing Assassin’s Creed within minutes using InstantAction. However, if you are playing on a meager laptop, you can push in the Gaikai partnership to play the same game (probably from where you left off as well) in the laptop with the internet connection.

Pretty neat, if you ask me. However, it still has no effect on gamers in India because the servers are based in the US. Let’s see what the future holds!

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