Free-to-play Shooter M.A.T. Announces $1 Charity Program

Free-To-Play massively multiplayer shooter M.A.T. (Mission Against Terror) is quite a successful implementation of the free-to-play model. Developed by Toronto based Wicked Interactive, the game has a decent base of users and does a few things right that helps in its user base, such as solid gameplay and the necessary humanity’s survival is at staketrope.


However, now Wicked Interactive along with charity organization Gamers Outreach have been working on a project that will help Dallas Veteran’s Hospital and its patients. The project, GO KART, is basically the manufacture of a portable entertainment kiosk for mobile gaming for patients:-

Project GO KART is an initiative of Gamers Outreach that funds the construction of portable entertainment kiosks which are used to transport video games and other sources of entertainment to patients who have limited access to activities outside their rooms.

Wicked Interactive has announced that for every new registration for M.A.T., they will be donating one dollar for the GO KART project.

This is how you can help the mission as well:-

1.       Check out the Mission Against Terror campaign postcard in the PAX East swag bags.
2.       Use special information printed on the postcard to download and register Mission Against Terror.
3.       Add the special “Support” icon to your Facebook profile or personal blog.
4.       Tell your friends. Remember, for every person who signs up, one dollar will be donated to Gamers Outreach.
5.       Come to the special “Gamers Doing Good” panel on Friday, March 11, featuring Gamers Outreach’s own Zach Wigal and Stephanie Shea. More info:

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