First 3D Point n’ Click Announced!

3D technology is all the rage these days. It’s become a synonym for both sales pushand cooleverywhere. German indie developer bitComposer Games has announced its new (and first of its kind) 3D Point and Click game The Rockin’ Dead that will use anaglyph 3D (in other words, using those old-school plastic glasses with red and blue colored lenses) to tell the tale of a metal band singer who ends up in the bizarre world of the dead.


Set in a hilariously exaggerated B-movie atmosphere, the tale is that of Alyssa, member of the very pretty to look at (but unfortunately unsuccessful) band Deadly Lullabyeswho wakes up after a disastrous accident in the tour bus. Apparently her band members are gone, and there are spooky skeletons that rock out at the drop of a chord, and Elvis Presley lookalikes that gyrate almost all the time.


The key features, as elucidated by the site are:-

  • First point’n’click adventure in 3D Optic (3D glasses included). 2D setting also available.
  • Bizarre, hilariously exaggerated background story with numerous recurring images in top B movie style
  • 93 detailed locations in dark and different settings
  • Over 20 funny NPCs, professionally narrated, who skillfully capture the humor of the dialogues
  • More than 120 objects in the inventory that can be combined and therefore require the players’ skill and logical thinking
  • Thrilling and unusual riddles round off the delightfully crazy overall picture

This definitely seems like an indie game worth trying. Also, since I am very lazy, I could use those anaglyph glasses in a game of Minecraft…

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