Fable III Will Arrive On Steam And GFWL As Well As Retail

Fable: The Lost Chapters was the source of an unending amount of mirth that is not usually associated with Role Playing Games (RPGs) of yore. With some genuinely funny moments, derisive nicknames and a cartload of funny characters along with a decent story and progression, the game was a great overall experience. Fable III promises to entertain as much as Fable: TLC, if not more. However, just how much it does entertain is still debatable as the game is yet to be launched.


However, the Lionhead Studios game will be distributed on both Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live (GFWL) Marketplace, as well as Valve’s huge digital distribution platform, Steam. Preordering the game on each platform gives you a different bonus:-

  • Preordering Fable III on Games for Windows Live Marketplace gives you instant access to the previous game Fable: The Lost Chapters for you to romp about in the Darkwood Bordello (and other places of course)
  • Preordering it on Steam gets you the Rebel’s Weapon and Tattoo Pack which is basically a collection of four exclusive weapons and five exclusive tattoo sets to customize their rebel hero.

I guess that’s very nice. (I would go for the GFWL deal, if I were you. Just sayin’)

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