F1 2009 Game for iPhone Released, Costs $6.99

We recently told you about the F1 2009 game for iPhone and iPod Touch, where we told you that the game would be released in the next few days. However, looks like we spoke to soon as Codemasters went ahead and released the game today itself.

f12009_iphone_game_screenshot f12009_iphone_game_screenshot2 f12009_iphone_game_screenshot3

The F1 2009 game is available for download from the appstore and it will cost you $6.99, this is similar to the pricing of the Need for Speed App for iPhone. The app size is 93.9MB, which is more because of the stunning graphics used in the game.

We will be doing a full review of the game shortly, in the meantime, you can buy the game by following this iTunes link.

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