Editorial: Why Mass Effect 3’s Day 1 DLC is Terrible


In my opinion, Day 1 DLC implies that the “finished game” I am buying is actually unfinished.
It is a cheap and offensive way of getting more money and I cannot justify the need for that much money by a huge publisher like Electronic Arts. It saddens me to no end that Bioware is also party to this cheap trick. In an attempt to justify the growing unrest on the Internet about this move Mass Effect executive producer made some statements on Twitter claiming that the DLC was made after the main game was completed and that a completely different team worked on it. Moreover he added that the DLC gets certified quickly and that additional content can be made available for fans of the franchise.


My question is, why not give the DLC free with price of the new game itself? I understand that this has been done before with the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins in which a new character and a small adventure are given free with every purchase of a new game, in a bid to lessen the amount of used game sales because the developers do not get any money from a used game sale – only the seller gets that money. Usually this is not that much of a problem, but there have been reports that used game sellers aggressively market those games over and above a new purchase. So, yes, this is quite doable and I am fine with it. It also gives a reason for the DLC creation team to put more effort and polish into it, instead of being rushed into a blitzkrieg-like 3-month development fast-track.

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