Duke Nukem Forever Might Just Spark Off a Controversy.

Granted, the Duke does not really court the generally non-offensive part of gaming. His games are filled with goofy and pseudo-chauvinist ideologies that are misinterpreted by mothers and girlfriends worldwide as being generally anti-feminist. However, the Duke is basically a man who concerns himself with saving women worldwide (they do need saving in his world), smoking a few fags (cigarettes) and happily urinating on urinals and watching a vibrator with inconsequential grunts and getting rewardsfrom lesbian schoolgirls.


Yes, the Duke does not court controversy, honest. But we’ve had this conversation before, haven’t we?

Thing is, duke4.net has unearthed the Official Xbox North America scans of Duke Nukem Forever’s multiplayer scans, and it appears that among the normal Deathmatch and King of the Hill modes (disguised as DukeMatch and Hail to the King), there appears to be a Capture the Babemode which is akin to Capture the Flag mode with babes instead of flags. Do I hear outrage? Wait for it.

Apparently, the babes sometimes freak outwhen you carry her to your home base. What better way to reassure her that everything is fine than to smack her bottom gently and coo her too sleep? Nothing at all, readers. The magazine, however, reassuringly states that a slap on the bum is more goofy than insensitive.

Duke Nukem Forever is slated for a May 3rd release and will probably spark off protests the day after.

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